Independent Artists Should Explore These Platforms To Spread Their Music/Art

There are many independent artists in Arizona looking to share their art and gain new fans. An overwhelming majority have taken the “social media only” path using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote new track releases, videos, or performances. Although those apps are smart choices in 2019 (and beyond), they are not the only options available. Here are a few other ways Arizona artists can get their music or out to new listeners and audiences.

Poetic Soul

Every Wednesday night, Qosmic, the founder of the event, hosts a show which allows creatives of many types to share their art. Comedians, poets, singers, rappers, and other musicians have blessed the stage and shared their art with the crowd. The event has been around for more than three years and consistently provides a receptive audience for artists. The doors open at 7PM giving everyone an opportunity to sign up to perform during the event. At 8PM, the show starts, and those who have signed up before the list closed are called in a designated order to perform.


Stationhead is a social radio app, available in the Apple Store, which allows individuals to take control of the radio. You can schedule and host your own radio show, create a rotation of songs that will play even when you are not logged in the app or on air. The app currently has many hosts who have scheduled and themed shows which focus on different genres of music, different topics, etc. One of my favorite stations is Hunny Goddess’ station. She features and spins nothing but independent artist with six shows throughout the week, which include an open mic (Hunny’s Nu Shit) and independent artists interviews (Hunny’s ArtistLux).

There are many other stations, including DJ Xplosive, Angcode, Leonora, DJ Hot Sauce, and NitaMilan, where the hosts feature and interview independent artists or host trivia games. Download the app now, check in, and spread your art.

3MMR & ESMR Live Stream

If you have followed us for a while here at (BCV), or any of our social media accounts, you may have already come across Bo’s 3 Minute Music Review (3MMR). Bo chooses a song to review, produces a video version via YouTube, and publishes a written version here on BCV with the video embedded within. This review has allowed many artist to get feedback for their recent releases, and allowed others to discover new music. However, this is not the only opportunity offered by Bo.

Bo also does a live stream every Friday where artists can submit their tracks for a live review. Hosted by Bo himself and his wife every Friday at 7:30PM (MST-AZ) on his YouTube channel. Check out one of his first episode on his new channel below.

Podson Radio

This podcast has taking arizona podcasting to another level. Love him, hate him, or be indifferent, it cannot be denied that Podson has created an audience that is primed for entertainment in general. For artists, this is a prime opportunity to reach new ears, new fans, new opportunities.

Why do I say what I say? Podson has interviewed the likes of Markus Wheaton (NFL Player), Debo (Actor, “Friday” the Movie), Maurice Green (Olympic Champion), AMG (Hip Hop Artist), and many more. The podcast, hosted on YouTube, has brought eyes from everywhere to one platform. This is the perfect opportunity for independent artist to capitalize on a fresh audience.

iKon Radio

iKON Radio works similar to Stationhead. However, unlike the social radio app, it is just one station, although it hosts multiple shows. iKon Radio has its own app that hosts live shows and a nice rotation of local hip hop which allows local artists to get radio play for new listeners. There are also opportunities for interviews on the show with DJ John Blaze & DJ Charlie. Make sure to follow iKon Radio on all social media, or visit them at

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