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3MMR: Episode 41 – “Come & Go” by DZE ft. Emmitt Dupree & Charley Brown

Residents of the burning bird, what’s good!? Wednesday has arrived again, and I’m back with more of the hottest Arizona music. If you haven’t heard about Krown Sound, please get familiar. The collective featuring rapper/singer, Emmitt Dupree (@king_emmitt), singer/producer Charley Brown (@charleybrown412), producer (@k_zone94), rapper DZE (@chiefdze), rapper/producer (@triprexx) has put out some of the best music the Arizona scene has had in a while. Led by the R&B/Rap hybrid Emmitt Dupree, this entire set is poised to over the state. This week’s feature, “Come & Go”, is from the eclectic DZE, who has a style reminiscent of the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Ironically enough, ODB is his SoundCloud avatar.

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3MMR: EPISODE 21 – “Emergency Calls Only” by Tommy Will

You need to listen to Tommy Will. Like, RIGHT NOW! With that said, what’s good Bird City!? It’s the big homie, Bo, back again with another rising Arizona talent. This week’s featured artist, Tommy Will, is one of the best wordsmiths in the state, and his latest track “Emergency Calls Only” is a somber and pointed discourse on our addiction to cell phones.