3MMR. Episode 71. Rich Hefner Ft. Gold Silk Fredo. “5 Minutes”.

What’s good people of the burning bird! Its your main man, Bo, back with another heat rock from the Phoenix, Arizona metro area. This week we got big money on the track with the baritone sound of Rich Hefner and his new joint “5 mins” featuring Gold Silk Fredo. This joint is a quick slap, with a 2:32 run time, but delivers like a haymaker to the chin. The beat provides a frenetic pace and Rich and Gold Silk easily create a vibe.

The combination of Gold Silk Fredo and Rich Hefner complement each other well. Both rappers have deep, distinctive voices and their content is similar. They reference females that want a little extra attention and what they are willing to do for it. The song starts off with a Cardi B rant clip, which really sets the table well, followed by the head nodding hook from Rich. The song overall is typical from a content standpoint with unoriginal platitudes such as, women, sex, and money, but I enjoyed the contrast of Rich wrapping about a girl that he’s into, and Fredo proclaiming he’s not tricking off anything on any woman. Both verses had a different style and feel to them which aided in listener engagement.

The mix on “5 mins” is clean, distortion free, and well blended with autotune and adlibs. Rich and Fredo do an excellent job of matching the pace of the beat with their cadence and timing. Their overall presentation over the track fits extremely well. The tone and pace of the track is what sets it apart from other songs about girls. The rappers both deliver deep gravelly verses that gives the track a bit of a dark, sinister feel. “5 minutes”, ends quickly after it starts, but is a smart length due to the repetitive nature of the song that might otherwise wear the listener out.

Lyrically, “5 minutes” doesn’t offer a ton for a hip-hop purist or lyrical aficionado, but the lack of lyricism doesn’t detract from the song in any major way. Rich uses a bit of a melodic style early in the track and it fits well singing, “damn I need you in my iphone/ we can facetime/ in my time zone we can have a great time/”. Fredo contrasts this with a more lyrical approach almost growling in his verse with bars like, “I been working on my bag for a minute/ no relax ‘til I get it/ but that ass look delicious/”.

Rich and Gold Silk are a dynamic duo on this joint and really carry an aesthetic that makes the song pop. The song needed more lyrical depth and a more creative look at how they handle women, but overall, they provide a repayable, high pace track that keeps your attention. For their work this week, the fellas Rich Hefner and Gold Silk Fredo are going to take home a 7.5 out of 10 for their work on “5 Minutes”! That’s all for this week my Bird City family, more to follow as we wrap the summer up. Peace and love, your man, Bo!

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