3MMR: Episode 41 – “Come & Go” by DZE ft. Emmitt Dupree & Charley Brown

Residents of the burning bird, what’s good!? Wednesday has arrived again, and I’m back with more of the hottest Arizona music. If you haven’t heard about Krown Sound, please get familiar. The collective featuring rapper/singer, Emmitt Dupree (@king_emmitt), singer/producer Charley Brown (@charleybrown412), producer (@k_zone94), rapper DZE (@chiefdze), rapper/producer (@triprexx) has put out some of the best music the Arizona scene has had in a while. Led by the R&B/Rap hybrid Emmitt Dupree, this entire set is poised to over the state. This week’s feature, “Come & Go”, is from the eclectic DZE, who has a style reminiscent of the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Ironically enough, ODB is his SoundCloud avatar.

The song is so much fun from start to finish. The production is bouncing and bubbly while maintaining heavy club appeal. The hook laid down by Emmitt Dupree is perfect for the vibe and content of the track. A standout feature verse from Charley Brown ties the entire song together around DZE’s fun, offset flow. The song stays on topic the whole way through, talking about various situations with girls who come and go and why. Dze’s flow is breathy and highly animated, making it somewhat hard to understand. He also blends into the beat too much during his first verse, but the second verse features some solid bars including: “Tell her she should call me coach, because I switched her approach/ she ain’t from here/ she disrespect indigenous folks/”

 The mix on the song could’ve been a little tighter with Charley’s Brown’s electric verse coming in at a slightly lower volume than Dze’s. Charley delivers a quick hitting, Drake-esque verse as he blends fast raps with melody, “Ok and I think I gotta do it to ya/ Can’t let you playing me dirty ZaZa Pachuila/” then with a more melodic sound, “She says what are we then/ And I said next to nothing/ She screaming out Jesus, I got a second coming/ I hit it from the back, so at least I can be up front with ya/ Understand we having fun, what’s up?/”. Aside from some very clever bars from both emcees, the song is highly original both in sound and creativity around the subject matter. Dze spends his verses talking about how he still owns this girl as is “little ho” but goes on later reveal he might be just a little jealous if she pops up with a boyfriend. In an opposite approach, Charley’s verse is straight to the physical, then goodbye.

Overall, “Come & Go” is a phenomenal song, despite slight mixing miscues. Every artist provides something unique on the track and it comes together nicely, with high replay value. This week, “Come & Go” is going to walk away with a 9 out of 10 from the review for a solid group effort from Dze, Charley Brown & Emmitt Dupree. That all for this week, my people! Catch you next week with more of Arizona’s finest! Peace and love, as always, your boy, Bo!

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