3MMR. Episode 68. “TOYC”. Noetic The Poetic.

Bird City, what it look like! It’s time to pop another cork on some hot Arizona Hip-Hop this week on the Three Minute Music Review! This week we get high-class R&B vocals mixed with a mysterious, space-like vibe on “TOYC”. This week’s joint comes to us by way of the talented Noetic The Poetic (NTP), and is produced by the one and only, Panda Base. The first thing you’ll notice about this song is Noetic’s crystal clear vocals. Noetic is a dual threat talent, and to those not aware, he sings just as well as he raps. The backdrop on “TOYC” is spacey and chilling laced with what I can only assume are chimes or bells. The production sets a soft but eerie vibe leaving lots of room for Noetic to work. Only thing that was missing here was a sixteen from the man himself, NTP.

The mix on the track is very professional which makes this joint an easy listen. Noetic stays in pitch and key on the entire song and has an easy confidence in his singing voice. For a producer and rapper tag team, Noetic and Panda make one of the best combinations in the valley. It’s clear that their combined goal is to let the music shine, and they keep the adlibs as well as the production neat and simple. While the song sounds incredible, it does get a little lackluster toward the last half minute or so. Noetic has a unique vocal style, but for the modern listening public, a song this uniform might get skipped about ninety seconds in as it doesn’t change up on the beat or verbally. This is a song that would’ve benefited from seeing both sides of Noetic’s skill set.

Lyrically, unless you listen to the song a few times, you might have a little trouble following exactly what he’s singing about. Overall it sounds like our man, NTP, is tired of being bothered by people who essentially only want him to use him for something. We spot evidence of this right from the jump on the hook: “I’m the one that you call / I don’t wanna hear what you are say/ hoping that I miss yall/ I ain’t never feeling that way/”. The spin NTP uses by singing to people that he doesn’t want to deal with is interesting and different. One of the best lines in the song is where NTP sings, “you press but I don’t cave/ you swerved into my lane”/ clearly showing his disinterest in dealing with this person. Noetic displays a crispy rhyme scheme late in the verse when he says, “don’t care, cause I don’t care/ she thought, he thought, you thought you was better than me/fuck you cause it ain’t fair/ one shot two shot drink til I forget about you/”.

For a dope track this week, the dream team of Noetic and Panda are going to take home an 8.5 out of 10 for a strong offering with a great hook and clean production. Check out more of Noetic’s new album “Natimind” on the links below! That’s all for this week my Bird City fam, peace and love, your boy, Bo!

Listen to Natimind here:


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