3MMR: Episode 34 – “Rennagades” by Dann G

“Rennagades, Rennagades, Rennagades, Rennagades!” What’s good people, it’s your boy Bo back with another smoking hot AZ banger for your eardrums. This week’s feature is the popular Dann G, and his head bobbing new joint “Rennagades”.

Off top, Rennagades is just a fun song. Dann’s staggered flow in the first verse helps get you acclimated to the party that’s about to happen on the track. The beat is off the chain coming in hard with some aggressive synths that provide an electric backdrop. Dann G, who is known to make anthems, (see his youtube for “Migos”) has a banger with this one.

The first verse shows Dann delivering a slower flow with a few catchy bars designed to get things crackin. Dann delivers the vibes with lines like “Bitches wanna fuck/Imma give em 50 shades of gray/”, and “I’m the hottest bitch I’m cocky/ cold like Denver/ bitch I’m Rocky/”. Lyrically this song doesn’t have any deep bars or insightful lyrics. This a pure party song, with people in the room likely drinking and doing lines of cocaine, or for the less party inclined, getting that work in the gym. As far as setting a vibe, Dann’s hard flow and energetic delivery make you want to get up and jump around. As evidenced from the video taken in Denver, Colorado during his show, “Rennagade” is the type of song to start a mosh pit.

Dann G’s flow is unique with his signature raspy sound and crispy delivery. Dann does a good job of delivering the slow flow, making sure every line hits you square in the chest. “Rennagade” is a polished track with Dann maneuvering pace changes easily to minimal background noise. There were zero errors on the production quality from Megawatts & Illcasso with “Rennagade”. The flashy track is backed by balanced vocals and a spot-on delivery. What’s makes “Rennagade” original is the mix of Spanglish Dann is known for, going back to his Sinaloa, Mexico roots. This style has swept the country of late, with Dann starting his second verse with some well-placed lines about women from Chicago and taking down some ass in the bathroom.

The only thing lacking on this high-powered joint is real lyricism. Everything about the song is straight forward, and I think that might have been the point. While party anthems don’t usually have clever wordplay, I think Dann could’ve done just a little more in this regard. As a fan of lyricism, its lacking in most parts of this song with the slower more deliberate flow and party vibe. That notwithstanding, this is a really dope song. The track is pure energy from start to finish, and should be on your pre-game playlist this weekend. Dann G is going to pull a 9 out of 10 this week for his revved-up Anthem, “Rennagades”! Check out more of his music on his YouTube page in the link below. That’s all for this week, tune in next time for more heat from these AZ streets. It’s your boy, Bo, I’m out! Peace and love.

Written by Bo | Follow Bo on IG and Twitter!