3MMR. Episode 54. Wo Nyce 500. “The Blues”.

Bird City, you know what this is! Another week, the 54th to be exact, and we got a nice groove for yall to slide right into. This week we’ve southern sounds mixed with quality storytelling and vivid perspective. Our feature artist this week, is a talented young emcee out of Maryvale, Arizona, Wo Nyce 500. Wo brings us his version of the blues on his new joint, “The Blues”. The track features great story telling, smart metaphors and brutal honesty. The beat has a west coast bop, matched with a quick bounce that puts your head on automatic bob. The new Wo Nyce EP, released on January 30th of this year, features street stories, introspection, and even a couple joints for the ladies.

“The Blues” stands out from the rest of the EP because of the bounce and easy rhythm that Wo finds right from the jump on the hook:

When people say they love me/ I second guess that they love me/

My mind is steady running singing the blues/

I wake up every morning missing my family that’s dead and gone/

Smoking on the wood getting fresh cleaning my shoes/”

Wo eases into the track effortlessly, and has a unique tone to his voice that slightly resembles the molasses laden sound you might get out of New Orleans rapper. The sound Mr. Nyce creates is high quality. The track is simple, with sleepy adlibs behind his rhymes giving the track drowsy feel, and Wo delivers his bars very carefully with remarkable clarity despite the rich tone in his voice. A standout quality of “The Blues” is that Wo comes off very authentically. Lyrical anecdotes like, “Lil buddy got his ass popped off faking with pistols/he would’ve died for sure if the second bullet didn’t’ miss him/his sister crying over the wound and applying pressure/tryna’ stop the blood but she can’t it keep on rushin/”, make it easy to believe he has spent some time in the streets in real street situations.

Lyrically, Wo continues to deliver, although the song is heavier on real situations and stories, rather than wordplay. Wo opens the track spilling his realities, “The thoughts of being rich will make a nigga cross his family/ lil buddy put his momma on the news/ sometimes you just gotta watch who you trust cause these women will set you up/ for the nigga that they love to give you the blues/”. He continues painting pictures as he moves through the track, “Is that nigga yo brother/ or is that nigga yo enemy/ find out what his motive is and watch lil daddy energy/ don’t trust nobody that don’t seem as real as they pretend to be/ shoot dice lose on purpose and rob them niggas that hittening/”. Outside of a lack of wordplay, Wo delivers a superb track full of honesty, grit, and a smooth delivery. For putting together an outstanding track, Wo Nyce 500 is going to take home a 9.5 out of 10!  That’s all for this week folks, more is on the horizon, Bird City. Peace and love, you boy, Bo!