3MMR: Episode 51 – “By Myself” by Loyalty Bynum

Bird City, what’s happening?! January is halfway over, but the year has started off with some heaters out of the Arizona Music scene. This week is no different than the week before, with another one deck. This week we’ve got an infectious anthem that embodies overcoming the struggle by yourself. Loyalty Bynum is our feature artist, delivering an inspirational banger with street quality to it with “By Myself”. The sound which is energetic, up-tempo and, auto-tuned with heavy adlibs is simple and radio ready.

Loyalty speaks honestly in his music and the biggest takeaway you get from listening is that that content of the song is very authentic. The hook evokes feelings of a gospel song in its emotion and rawness.

“I remember back when I was broke, they aint wanna help/so I went and got me a bag, I did it by myself/they know that I’m official, now they wanna say that imma ref/ but aint no turning down, I turn it up I did it by myself/”.

Lyrically, LB keeps things “one hunnid” the entire time. From the jump he’s showing love to the lord, “Fall down to my knees lord, I need guidance/” and doesn’t switch up, “boy I’m highly favored, I just think the man/ Up above, cause right now you believe me”/. Loyalty flexes in the video with a stack of cash, but he doesn’t flash on the song which was unique. Most of the lyrics are a true representation about his situation in life. LB doesn’t even follow the typical violent backdrop that comes with most hip-hop, “I aint on my flight without the pilot/ I’d be lying if I talk about some violence/”. That line, along with, “fyi, this is a diesel, not a rollie/” give the “By Myself” a down-to-earth inspirational touch that you actually believe.

One drawback from the track is the reliance on effects. Auto tune and heavy adlibs weigh the track down make it difficult to understand. Although, their use was important to drive the energy, it requires several plays to make out everything he says completely. The song is a quick hitter, but delivers the celebratory vibe Mr. Bynum intended to. For his uplifting contribution this week, Loyalty Bynum is going receive an 8.5 out of a 10 for delivering an authentic track that lifts the spirit. That’s it for this week and thank you, Bird City, for rocking with your boy! See you next week! Peace and love, your boy, Bo!

Written by Bo | Follow Bo on IG and Twitter!