3MMR. Episode 67. Zco. “Minor 21”

Yo, what’s good Bird City! It’s been a few weeks, but I’m back like a bra hook. This week the vibe is jumpin’ out of Tuscon, Arizona in the form of Zco and his witty bop, “Minor 21”. As soon as you hit play, you get summer-time San Diego beach vibes, with a laid back, but at the same time, up-tempo beat. Zco’s delivery is that of a confident rapper who’s having fun with his passion. The opening line of the song displays his tongue-in-cheek wittiness that catches your attention, “Give me some love, I’ll let you play with my puppy”.

Between the delivery and wordplay, Zco’s sound is unique. He doesn’t sound like the average mumble rapper with a distinct vocal tone that grabs your ear. Zco makes very catchy hooks, and “Minor 21” is no exception. He layers his vocals exceptionally well, and the mix gives his voice a full, rich sound. As a quick hitter, (2:35) you get exactly what you need out of the song, then it ends. This is for the best as the song doesn’t change up much or have a ton of variety, sonically. “Minor 21” doesn’t have a specific focus on subject matter but this fits with the airy, summer time vibe.

The mix quality on “Minor 21” is solid. Zco is equally effective standing on his vocals, as the beat is at delivering solid backdrop. The beat provides space for the vocals to be featured, and Zco does a good job of not doing too much with adlibs and doubles. Lyrically, Zco comes through as witty and creative in his rhymes with a few quotables along the way. With lines like, “I’m doing shows, focusing on growth/ they doing coke, I guess we both trying to blow/”, and “She wanna play a game/ I can’t though, she wanna cut, get a match, light a candle/”, Zco comes off as confident, energetic, and ready to take his game to the next level.

Zco gives us a solid offering on “Minor 21” with an infectious hook, witty lyrics, and a laid-back beat. Zco delivers his verses with a crispy sound and energy to match. For his work this week, our man, Zco, is going to take home an 8.5 out of 10 from the review for a great song that lacks a bit in content and direction. That’s all this week folks! I’ll be back soon with more Arizona gems for your eardrums. As always, peace and love, your boy, Bo!

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