3MMR. Episode 57. Lost Flyer. “Kama Sutra”

What’s good lovers of Arizona music and Bird City residents! We got another review for the people, but this week we’re changing this up with some sultry R&B to set the mood. This week we got the young star, Lost Flyer, who relocated from Rockford, Illinois. Lost brings a smooth, soft brand of R&B with his latest release “Kama Sutra”. The song is laced with sexual vibes speaking directly to a past lover that he decides to rekindle things with. The song is confident, borderline cocky, with a soft synthesized sound and an intricate drum kick pattern for the beat.

Off top, the intro was over a minute long. The song literally didn’t start until the 1:08 mark which is a critical error because the song itself is pretty good, but most listeners are not going to wait over a minute to hear what you have to say. The beat on display for “Kama Sutra” is varied and bouncy catching the ear’s attention, and when Lost enters the track his vocal tone stands out immediately. Simply put, Lost is a good singer and solid songwriter. Throughout the song, his pitch is always on point, although I wasn’t in love with his rap skills in the second verse. The hook is kept minimal with just a few bars repeated often throughout the song. The song’s mix was solid. No muffled sounds or volume problems complemented by audible lyrics and a sparing use of adlibs.

“Kama Sutra” presents a throwback vibe reminiscent of Marques Houston with the singing/rap combo that Lost ventures into with the second verse. The effort was there, but I think he could’ve used some help from an emcee to fill out the second verse. The song isn’t overly original, in sound or style, as it doesn’t offer up a lot of variety, however, Lost earns points with his simplistic hook and bare vocals that sound great. From a lyrical perspective, Lost drops a few gems during his verse that were quotable, such as “flyin in my ride, cause I’m bout to slide thru/girl I want a milk shake like a drive thru/, and “you can call me when you want that great sex/I can bring a latex/ got me speeding in the fast lane like off a late text/ like a night shift call in the doctor/”.

“Kama Sutra” is a solid showing from a developing star fresh on the Phoenix landscape who has a lot to offer. For his work on his new joint, Lost Flyer is going to take home a 7.5 out of 10 for a very solid showing that just needs a little more variety and possibly a look from another artist. That’s all for this week, looking forward to bringing you more flames from the valley of the sun! Peace and love, your boy, bo!

*Correction* Lost Flyer actually has ten songs on his YouTube rather than the four I mentioned in the review.*