3MMR. Episode 58. LouieLee ft. Nelo G. “Speak On Me”

What’s happenin’ folks! It’s review time and we’re back with a new slap this week from the homie LouieLee! You might remember LouieLee from the first year of reviews (week 32), and his breakout hit “Run It Up” which scored at 7.5 out of 10. This time, Louie is back with his brother Nelo G, and they brought a west coast swag, that as soon as it came on, reminded me of Blueface’s “Thotiana”. The feature song this week, “Speak On Me”, has a west coast bounce that makes you want to bust out in a “Crip walk” as soon as you hear it. The energy from Louie and Nelo fits the track well, and it seems like they had a great time recording it.

The lyrical content of “Speak On Me” leaves a lot to be desired from both artists. As younger artists, most of the song is about women, drugs, and talking about the rachet shit they’re ready to do. This over played content quickly makes the song forgettable, because it sounds like 95% of the other songs from the current Blueface wave. There are a few redeemable lines in the song, however. Louie and Nelo deliver a few quotables like, “I don’t fuck with niggas/like apartheid/slide through clap the scene now his broad died/”, and “I got your bitch shaking ass like an earthquake/and she gone give me all that cake like it’s her birthday/and then I kick her out I cannot let a bitch stay/”. On such an exciting beat, it would’ve great if they spent more time focused on their lyrics. Even with the recycled content, the technical aspects of the song were on point. The mix was crispy, and both artists sound very clear and enunciated. The beat and vocals are balanced well, and both rapper’s delivery is on point. Louie and Nelo’s style are very complementary and the transition to Nelo’s verse at 1:40 was flawless.

“Speak On Me” doesn’t feature any original concepts or ideas. The song is a straight-forward shit talking barrage of references to women performing sexual acts. Originality takes a huge hit because the drug, sex, and gun references don’t come off as authentic. Not to say the fellas in the video don’t engage in street activity, but it seems like they recreated something they’ve seen before, rather than their own thoughts and concepts. Bars like, “Niggas think it’s sweet now/slide down/ lil nigga had to up the heat now/bling blao/make ya bitch kiss on my feet now/she a rebound/” seem to lack any real effort.

All in all, “Speak On Me” is a listenable party song that will get a crowd moving, but won’t have high replay value unless you were in that type of mood. For their efforts this week, Louielee and Nelo G are going to take home a 7 out of 10 for a song that sounds solid but needs improvement from a lyrical standpoint. That’s all for this week! Special thanks the loyal people who check with the review every week! Peace and love, your boy, Bo!