3MMR: Episode 53 – “STFU” by Jordan G.

What’s going down, Phoenix!? 2019 is off to a quick start and we’re already into February. Kicking off this first week in February, we’re bring you an eclectic boom bap sound brought to you by way of Maryland & California now residing in Bird City. This week’s selection sounds unique from the jump with the classic “boom bap” drum and kick along with a weird reverse chord that sounds very distinctive (I couldn’t figure out what it was). Our feature artist, Jordan G, brings wittiness, creativity, and downright honesty in his latest joint, “STFU”. The hook alone, is raw “just keep it real or otherwise please shut the fuck up”. There are probably a few dozen people any listener would love to direct this hook to.

The sound of the track is trippy with Jordan finding his lane early and often. The cadence and rhythm of his flow is steady, but he uses different different vocal devices to change things up. At :53 seconds he holds an autotuned “whoooooaaaaa” to provide a change of pace. The song is a bit spacey as well, from 1:05 to 1:10 where he starts the chorus, he leaves just enough emptiness to make you wonder where he’s going next. The track is mixed well with Jordan’s vocals playing the headline and the beat working as a compliment. Jordan went easy on the adlibs and with a slight bit of autotune that accented the track very well.

Jordan is extremely honest on this track. Lyrically, he doesn’t pull any punches and gives you a glimpse into where he head is at with his current rise on hip-hop scene. JG jumps on the track immediately painting pictures, “Life is a trip, and harder than lighting a spliff/ be all in rotation with whiskey all in my liver/ miss me all with the drama then give me all of the figures/ I’m busy dealing with commas to deal with problems with nigga/” His candor is apparent in the last line where he says he’s too busy getting money to worry about who’s using the word “nigga”. Jordan gives more honesty on verse two, “Im trying to live up on the top floor of the building/ I don’t be trapping cause I be smoking way more than I’m dealing/ I’m bout that action cause yeah I love it way more than I’m chillin / they send me tracks cause based on my flows they know I’m a kill it/.“

Jordan G puts together a great package with a very dope song, excellent, beat and incredible video. Jordan is going to take home a 9.0 out of 10 for his trippy unique joint, “STFU”. That’s it this week, more heaters on the way next week! Peace and love, your boy, Bo!