3MMR: EPISODE 14 – “For The Birds” King Dom ft. Amias Amir

What’s good, Bird City!? It’s Wednesday, which means we’ve got more fresh Arizona talent on display for you! This week we feature King Dom and Amias Amir and their aggressive single “For The Birds”.

From the jump, the beat is a simple canvas brightened up with guitar strings, and a few high hats, allowing the lyrical prowess of the two cross country emcees to shine through. Amias (Chicago, Illinois) and King Dom (Phoenix, AZ) split the duties on the hook: “Fuck what all these niggas talkin bout, man that shit for the birds/smokin’ on the finest herbs/chill with niggas from the burbs.” Amias Amir jumps into the first verse with some reality raps that any listener can relate to, “Well fuck a diamond ring/ I got momma to think bout actually retiring.” Amias gives us even more perspective when he continues, “I got niggas who can’t get out the city, let alone a decent living environment.” Amias, unfortunately, loses touch with the reality he paints earlier, when he boasts about drinking expensive Jay-Z branded cognac “Two cups of D’usse, dawg it keeps me awake/ You don’t fuck with us we don’t fuck with yall, keep it that way/”.

These two lyricists are an excellent complement on tracks they feature on together (check out “The Interlude” on their Soundcloud pages). Amias and King Dom both deliver clean enunciated verses, with limited ad-lib usage, and pointed delivery. Although, much of King Dom’s verse was simple statements, “I aint talking no more/ain’t doing no listening/I just laced up the one’s/ Cause I ain’t doing this for fun/Are we finished, are we done?/I send shots for everyone.” His verse meshes with both the track, and plays complementary to Amias, both sonically and content wise. Unfortunately, the lack of depth in parts of Amias’ and most of King Dom’s verse, illustrates a lack of originality all the way through the song.

Both King Dom and Amias have two of the stronger SoundCloud pages that I’ve reviewed to date. They both deliver several repeat worthy tracks including: “The Interlude” which features both artists, as well as “G.T.G.I”, which, in my opinion, is the best song on King Dom’s soundcloud. Other notables include: King Dom’s “Life’s Good”, “Lit” and Amias’ “Practice”. “For The Birds” is a highly re-playable track with lyrical quotables and personality throughout. “For The Birds” earns an 8 out of 10 this week for its early lyrical punch and smooth sound and delivery. However, the song misses slightly on original content.

Thanks for checking out these two talented emcees this week. Check out their “For The Birds” video below! Also, check out my YouTube page to catch all of the previous reviews. See you next week, Peace & Love!

Written by Bo | Follow Bo on IG and Twitter!