3MMR: EPISODE 15 – “Amber Rose” by Eklipze

Ok Bird City, who wants BARS??! My man, Eklipze, has bars for everybody and their momma on his aggressive lyrical assault “Amber Rose”, this week’s selection for the Three Minute Music Review!

Eklipze’s distinct style hits early and often with his shrill, Danny Brown esque pitch, and his in-your-face shit talking lyricism. Eklipze slaps you right in the mouth from the open bars in the hook: “I can do this by myself, I been the man alone/ These child ass niggas need to head on home/ Boy you can get buried no manilow/ Yeah I Ball, and the bread thick, call it Amber Rose/”. When I first hit play on this track, I assumed I was going to get a song about a thick ass Caucasian girl. Incorrect! Eklipze uses an original flair comparing Amber Rose to his money and to how he’s “whizzing” on the game. Double entendre, indeed. One time for Whiz Khalifa! Eklipze features a unique mix of high energy, tongue twisting lyrics, and an immense level of shit talking to make this “Little Boy” remix, originally written by Token, his own song. Honestly, I couldn’t even remember Token did it first.

Lyrics are everywhere on this track. Eklipze is a real lyricist. Although depth is an issue here, with typical references to women, guns and money, Eklipze is extremely entertaining.  Lines like “Bitch, I’m fecal, I’m the shit nigga, pee eww”, “I make these niggas jet like Geno” (Geno Smith former quarterback of the New York Jets), and “Tom Brady lobbing hollows be my Deion Branch” keep your ears peaked the entire song. While these lines are now a bit dated, they exhibit creativity, and current event references are always fun to hear on tracks. Eklipze’s pure energy makes this song a gym favorite, fight favorite, a pre-game favorite, club favorite, or in general just a song to get lit to.

The lone draw back to “Amber Rose” is that it left a bit left to be desired on sound quality. Eklipze’s delivery and rapid-fire approach sometimes make it hard to hear what he’s saying. Eklipze doesn’t waste a bar, and at times ends up adding more words than he can fit into his lines. Add to that the strong, and probably too frequent ad libs, and I was forced to replay the song more than a dozen times to understand what he was saying. Luckily, the energy, swag, and fun nature that comes across from Eklipze, made the listening enjoyable, rather than a chore. Eklipze has a several worthy plays on his sound cloud, but two stand outs for me were “Mr. Triple Double” and “Cowpie”. Eklipze earns himself a 9 out of 10 this week for “Amber Rose”.

Huge shout out to my guy GripGetIt, an artist, producer, engineer, and friend of the review, for turning me on to Eklipze. Check out Grip’s SoundCloud page where he also has some gems featuring himself and Eklipze. Some gems from Grip’s page include “Pay up” (one of the best group songs I’ve ever heard from Arizona emcees), “Mexico” and “Dramatic”.  Do yourself a favor and check these joints out right NOW. Have yourself a great week Bird City, and just like the summer ahead, I’m at you next week with more AZ HEAT!!!

Written by Bo | Follow Bo on IG and Twitter!