3MMR: EPISODE 16 – “Y’all Been Sleepin” by Chris Massiv

Bird City, What’s Happenin’!? Consistent, clean, and crispy! Three words that describes this week’s 3 Minute Music Review featured artist, Chris Massiv, and his straight forward single “Yall Been Sleepin.”

Chris’s cadence and delivery steals the show on this track that is wrapped in a brooding drum and snare heavy beat. Chris moonwalks the track gracefully with straight forward and honest bars: “I aint seen a doc, probably need a prescription” and “I fall for nothing, I stand for something, we not the same.” What is enjoyably lacking on this song is the use of Auto-Tune or Adlibs. Chris delivers a potent, straight forward, exclamation about who he is, free of distractions and sound effects.

What caught my attention, after noting the clean delivery, was Chris’ lyrical prowess. Chris doesn’t waste bars. He consistently stays on topic from song to song, and manages to always stay in pocket. Delivering shots from the hip early, Chris switches up the pace at :14 seconds with a slick burst: “Put the pain in the paper, lick it, the flick up the bic, take a hit, and forget that the pain existed.” Thumbing through his catalog, you notice quickly that Chris, for the most part, raps with more critical thinking than most.  Songs like “For A Dollar”, “Holocaust”, and “Time To Go” each have their own distinct vibe and subject matter, without excessive cussing or misogyny. Being able to produce quality music with listenability and non cliché content is extremely difficult. Chris excels at this.

“Yall Been Sleepin” is a joint for the old school hip-hop head. This free verse is kept short with minimal bells and whistles and no hook. While the flow is extremely consistent and skillfully delivered, there’s no real theme. The beat also won’t catch a wide variety of ears. To the old school 90’s hip hop lover in me, Chris has old school rap stylings, and there’s proof in his music that he has taken time to learn his craft.  “Yall Been Sleepin” is a replay worthy track to ride around to. That old school, chill vibe earns it a 9 out of 10 this week from the review. Chris is featured on Track 9 of Kyle Burkett’s new release, 1992, and has several other collaborations on his SoundCloud page. Until next week, be safe out there! Peace and Love, your boy, Bo!

Written by Bo | Follow Bo on IG and Twitter!