3MMR: EPISODE 22 – “West $ide” by JayWop

What’s good, Bird City!? Summer time is already heating up and I’m back to match the tone with some scorching AZ hip-hop heat. This week’s artist matches the sound of summer perfectly with his breezy, West Coast Summer jam, “West Side.”

Jay.Wop is talented far beyond his years (I believe he is just over 21) and makes it obvious on just about every track he presents. I came across this Jay.Wop on the Bird City View Playlist and was drawn in immediately by his authentic sound. Jay.Wop is heartfelt, honest, and vulnerable in every song you find on his soundcloud page. “West Side” is the song for the day after the party. This is the song you ride home to after a crazy night with the homies. The hook is filled with reality rap where you can almost see the motions Jay.Wop moves through.

“I feel asleep on the Westside/
Woke up to some messages and bitches trying to chastise/
I ain’t even wipe the/ crust from my eyes yet/
Said it’s too early to be talkin where my minds at/”

The track runs just over minutes 3, and really hits the song’s theme of representing the West Side/West Coast. Lyrically, Jay.Wop has clever, imaginative bars throughout the song.

“Lucky hands all 7’s nigga Vick is up/”
“Advertising false hope that’s what I sell to bitches/ Like I’m a pusha man, I gotta clientele
of bitches/ Like boy I’m sick, I be feeding sickle cell to niggas/”
“My niggas trappin, make collections like they Sallie mae/”
“Blockbuster mindset with a tiny budget/ tryin to make a cake of greatness in a tiny oven/”

Jay.Wop’s delivery is straight forward and honest. Unlike many artists, Jay can actually speak to his audience in more of a conversational sense, making listening easy, with few adlibs or pauses.  Throughout his catalog, on every song, Jay gives you honesty, about the space his is actually in on his journey, without fabrication or stretching the truth.

The sound quality on “West $ide” is superb. There’s a light adlib over certain parts of the song that compliment his delivery well, and his tone is perfectly balanced with the beat. Jay.Wop delivery is not overly aggressive, loud, or too animated. The song is easy to follow and gets the first 10 out of 10given from the review. Jay.Wop is an amazing artist and can compete on a national level. Please check out Jay’s catalog on his sound cloud page where he has two mixtapes. The most recently released “Jay.Wop” has standout tracks, “The Lights”, “Niggas Know”, and “Packed Show”. His earlier work “Relevant” has stand out cuts: “White Girls”, “Sheep” and “Maxwell Freestyle”.  The summer only gets hotter as so does this review!! I’m back in your ears next week with more hidden Arizona talent. Peace and love, your boy, Bo!!

Written by Bo | Follow Bo on IG and Twitter!