3MMR: EPISODE 25 – “June” by Optimystical

“Looked up and saw the moon today/
Smiled and I waved/And the moon smiled back/
I fell in love with June today/
I was feeling brave/ take the shirt off my back/”

What’s good, Bird City?! Summer is officially here and we’re locked and LOADED with more Arizona talent. This week’s selection is a gem, from a talented and sonically unique band in the area, Optiministcal.

Their breezy midnight soundtrack “June” has racked up an impressive 20,000 listens on SoundCloud and it’s easy to understand why.  On past 3MMR episodes, we have seldom shown love to the Indie bands of the area, but what a perfect time for something new. “June” features harmonious melodies, solid lyrics, smooth vocal blends, and really cool effects. What makes this band unique from most local music, is that their eclectic indie soft rock is backed by a talented rapper and lyricist in their front man, Keyan Willis, aka “NutterTut” (@nutter_tut). Willis’ relaxed delivery and honest lyrics give an almost therapeutic feeling to the track.

“June” is a summer night serenade laying in the back of a pickup truck smoking a spliff. The original sound the band achieves is due to the eclectic nature of its members. The slick lyricism is complemented by a classically trained pianist, cellist, and vocalist in Cara Nassar. These two are able to create a smooth, tranquil vibe with Cara softly adlibbing over Keyan’s lyrics. This track also features nice change of pace with a guitar solo from Guitarists, Tom Clifton and Gilbert Orrantia, starting at 1:31 and lasting about a full minute. While this solo is a bit dragged out, it provides a refreshing twist that we normally don’t get from a traditional hip hop song.

The sound quality on this song is fantastic, with the both Keyan’s and Cara’s voices complementing each other all the way through the song. At 2:41 there’s an interplay of Cara repeating the phrase “I don’t know” behind Keyan’s lyrics giving the track a more fervent and up tempo feel. “June” is filled with positive, impactful lyrics that genuinely makes you happy. Not only is the hook catchy and uplifting, but also has bars like “It’s cool he aint got a job/ aint got me a baby momma who acting so wild/ aint got me a bit of drama the sun’s in the clouds/ I’m seeing the silver lining while blowing some loud/ I point to the heavens like the colossus of clouds./

“June” continues a similar path with a long bridge and Keyan’s singing, “I won’t waste my days on self esteem no more/ I blame my ego why I don’t kiss the floor/” and “yall won’t tread on me/ I start to throw my bows/ somehow I still smile, I’m running with my woes/” This song is all about making the best of a bad situation and feeling good no matter what. After listening to “June” from Optimistyical, you can’t help but feel better about life.

This song is truly a gem received a 9 out of 10 this week from the review for its masterful production and awesome message. Thanks for tuning in this week! The music only gets hotter as we move forward so stay tuned and keep rocking with me!! Until next week, peace and love, your boy, Bo!!

Written by Bo | Follow Bo on IG and Twitter!