3MMR: EPISODE 26 – “Bad Cop” by David Luva

Happy 4th of July, Bird City! What’s good, it’s your boy, Bo! We’re back live and direct with one of the smoothest songs of the summer. This week’s selection comes from the Golden State in the form of David Luva and his irresistibly smooth R&B smash “Bad Cop”.

This song is replay worthy from the jump with smart lyrics, an exciting beat, and amazing vocal presentation. Let it be known, if you’re trying to pull a bad one this summer, this is the joint to do it with!

Overall the general concept of the song is a bit loosely interpreted with the idea of the crooner Mr. Luva playing the bad cop and he soulfully serenades, “Girl I know, you know, you sexy times four/ got my mind blown/got the kush ready, no five oh/ won’t you bring it to a nigga right now/”. He continues the “bad cop” theme crooning, “Girl I know I’m like your rest spot/ got you fiending like a bad cop/girl I hit you with these back shots/”. The overall concept might go over a listeners head, slightly, but the song is extremely memorable with excellent wordplay and a fun sing-along quality ( i.e. “I know you want it don’t you fight it no/ hit them niggas with that adios”).

One of the strongest components of this song are the ound and vibe you get from the first listen. The drum and kick combination are slow and steady, with what sounds like a string instrument or a high-pitched piano key placed neatly in spots. David is an amazing vocalist with incredible range. He sings very openly and freely, but doesn’t let his raw vocal ability completely dominate the song. At the 1:00 minute mark, David displays his high attention to detail in his craft, gentling laying a high-pitched adlib over his verse, which results in a balanced and clean sound. David, and his producer P-Roc, move like the modern-day R&B version of Biggie and Puff, with the way they arranged and mixed this track down.  

Lyrically, the song doesn’t disappoint despite its under three-minute length. One of my favorite lines, and consequently the catchiest “I know you want it, don’t you fight it, no/hit them niggas with the adios” really helps you get into the feels of going after the one you want. David really digs deeper into his bag singing “You know I need a Rhianna/ you can be my Rhianna/ I’ll be ya papi, shawty/you can be mamas/ the way you feeding it to me, shawty, you might just meet mama/ I swear you more with that “throw it back”, and less with that drama/”. At the 2:00 minute mark, David even channels his best Usher impression hitting some extremely high-pitched notes, staying in key, then talking over the track in classic Usher Raymond fashion. It’s easy to see why “Bad Cop” has already earned an impressive 10K plays thanks to the help of the entertainment group/record label @teamjondoe, home to some incredible artists including previous review alumni, JusXJustice and the talented Arjaysoul.

“Bad Cop” earns a perfect score of 10 out of 10 this week for its amazing sound quality, smart lyrics, original arraignment, and well executed song concept. Stay cool and Happy 4th of July everyone!! Peace and love, your main man, Bo!

Written by Bo | Follow Bo on IG and Twitter!