3MMR: EPISODE 27 – “Leader” by Jay Roze

What’s good BirdCity fam? Hope you’re staying cool and enjoying the monsoon season. We’ve got a new wave on this week’s 3MMR. Episode 27 brings us a talented young star by the name of Jay Roze and his refreshingly mature song, “Leader”.

Jay Roze is a prolific 20-year-old artist, with more than two dozen songs on his sound cloud page, the majority of which are quality music. Jay’s delivery reminds me off a less nasally Kendrick Lamar with a more simple, straight forward delivery. On “Leader”, Jay rides the beat tightly,and delivers an introspective conversation about how he plans to lead the new generation of hip hop artists. Jay’s candor and wordplay on this track are extremely rare for an emcee his age.

“All I ever wanted was some money I could blow/
All I ever needed was a team to help me grow/
Point to a direction but that’s not where I’m a go/
They don’t me not to shine but I’m a fuck around and glow/”

The hook is particularly unique where he says, “Point to a direction, but that’s not where I’m a go.” Jay clearly has a rebellious steak, and it’s apparent on this song he plans to take direction from no one.  There’s also a portion of the hook, later in the song, where a female voice is overlaid on his during the chorus, and it creates a wonderful sound. Lyrically, Jay spits gems during his verses on “Leader”. Bars like: “I can’t erase the rumors, but I will display the facts/my back against the wall that will soon display my plaques”, and “I been trying to do the right math/ money equals freedom/ my whole team on the right path/ but somebody got to lead them/”, show an impressive wisdom far beyond his age.While his bars are up to task on this joint, the content of his lyrics shift often throughout the song. Bars about his friends, backstabbers, doubters, critics, and sports icons, keep the song a little of kilter from its original message, but fortunately for us, this doesn’t have any effect on the listenability of his song. “Leader” is a 4-minute song that carries on a bit long toward the end. Jay accomplished what he set out to after the first full verse, but the true lyricist him pushed for a second.From a sound standpoint, “Leader” sounds great with Roze’s delivery crystal clear behind well enunciated bars. The beat is a bouncy backdrop with slow pace with an open chorus that Jay takes full advantage of on the hook.  Jay Roze is an emcee who will be among Arizona’s heavyweights within the next few years. This week, the standout emcee receives an 8.5 out of 10 for the creativity and honesty he displays on this track.Make sure to check out the full video for “Leader” on YouTube. As the Monsoon season rages on, so does the rain of dope Arizona Hip-Hop from your boy, Bo, and the Three Minute Music review!Written by Bo | Follow Bo on IG and Twitter!