3MMR: EPISODE 30 – “Honest” by MastadonRare

Bird City, what’s happenin’?! August is here. It’s the hottest part of the summer and the heat continues to rise on the Three Minute Music Review. This week we get some island vibes from a talented MC out of Glendale, AZ, MastondonRare.

On this week’s feature track, Honest, Mastadon gives us a recount of a situation with his ex-girlfriend that plays out in over the course of the song. The song is set to an island infused beat with Mastadon matching the melodic vibe in the song perfectly. The song has several bright spots including an up-tempo pace, and a bright sound that makes it extremely easy to listen to.

Mastadon does several smart things with this song. The hook is simple, easy to sing, and the song has a 2:54 second run time, on par for most new age hip-hop/r&b music. He also changes cadences at different points in the song to keep the listener engaged. At 1:03 and 2:07, Mastadon slows down his delivery and fills the bars with fewer words, harmonizing in these spots. The pace change showcases Mastadon’s ear for songwriting and understanding of the sound he’s targeting. “Honest” is a really positive break up song that has mastodon dropping some funny lines about his ex. At 1:03, Mastadon talks his shit where he croons “But I/ know why/you cry/at night/your pride subsided/you die/ inside”. It’s refreshing to hear a song that has someone experience pain, in that same song, turn around and flaunt their success.

“Honest” really sounds great turned up as high as possible. The song’s vibe makes you want to get up and move, and Mastadon sounds great as a singer performing free of strain or any attempt to reach into a range that he’s not comfortable. Lyrically, Mastadon is pretty sharp as well for those that are paying attention. A few of the standout bars include: “why niggas put they fake flex on/I Know/you be softer than a playtex on”, and “still a nigga from the coast/ I’m laughin at you niggas getting washed up/ low tide. The song occasionally drifts off topic where Mastadon throws shots at a few nameless individuals with lines like “ why they let me get up in my zone/niggas hatin while I run my post” and the aforementioned line referring to dudes being soft as a Playtex. Overall though, there’s plenty to love about this song.

“Honest” is a fun trip to the Caribbean that really makes you up and dance. This summertime island jam pulled down a 9.5 out of 10 this week, for its quick delivery of positive vibes and easy listening. That’s it for this week. Week 30 is in the books, and we’re only getting started with the best that Arizona has to offer. See you next week! Peace and love, your boy, Bo!

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