3MMR: EPISODE 31 – “Nah Mean” by Doughboyy

Waddown jo! It’s your homeboy Bo, and we got another banger this week live and direct from Arizona by way of the one of the hip-hop’s meccas, Brooklyin, NY. This week’s featured artist has an old school flow and cadence stocked with money talk and, gun references and boss dreams.

“Nah Mean” from Doughboyy is a street anthem that pays homage to old school flows like MIMS, Mysonne, or early Cam’ron. “Nah Mean” opens with some high-pitched keys with light bells in the background giving the track an eerie, but rugged feel. Dough B’s breathy, almost raspy voice opens to the hook:

“Dough B getting to this paper/
Nah Mean/
Chasin’ getting closer to my dreams/
Nah Mean/
Fresh to death the hottest on the scene/
Nah mean/
Diamonds straight shinning high beams/
Nah mean/”

The first thing you notice about Dough B is that he knows how to ride the beat at a professional level. He also has confidence and consistency in his delivery.  Dough is more of the “slow flow” rapper, which is a difficult lane to maneuver as it requires solid timing and voice control. Consistency in the quality of his vocal performances are something that you can expect on any Doughboyy track you listen to.

On “Nah Mean” there are some highs and lows. The song doesn’t push any limits as far as executing a concept or pushing something original sonically or lyrically. In comparison to his breakout flow on “The Intro”, Dough comes up a bit short both with his bars in his song content. Bars like “Cause I aint playing no games/ cause if we was I’ma score/ and I be moving that work/ I’m bout to open the store”/, as well as, “I rise like sunami, I make my own wave/ leave you haters behind/ we just give em a wave/”, leave much to be desired. The hook sounds great, but misses the anthem feel Dough was aiming for because of a lack of energy. Delivered with a bit more juice, Dough could have really captured that street anthem feel he was working to establish.

The most redeeming quality about the song is the way it sounds. Dough is a very methodical rapper who has mastered his delivery, which is something rarely seen in present day hip-hop. On “Nah Mean” Dough establishes his presence early and doesn’t ruin it by over ad libbing the track. His adlibs are set with a slightly distorted effect, and he keeps them simple which helps to drive home the street feel. Dough’s voice is crisp, and the simple rhyme pattern gives the average hip-hop listener a chance to digest the song. I really thought a feature with a rapper of a completely different style could have given more balance to the track’s straight forward lyrics and sound. Dough is a product of hip-hop’s golden era and its obvious in his music.

This week “Nah Mean” notches a 7 out of 10 as it’s an easy listen from a distinctive voice but leaves something to be desired for a complex listener. Click on link below to hear my favorite track from Dough B, “The Intro”. That’s all for this week. Thanks for your support and for always tuning in. Catch you next week! Peace and love, your boy, Bo!

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