3MMR: Episode 32 – “Run It Up” by LouieLee

Bird City, let’s get it! Another Wednesday, another review on deck for the people. This week we dive into some new school swag with LouieLee, and his fast-paced joint “Run it up”. This song is an adrenaline rush with Louie talking shit over the course of three and a half minutes. Louie, who comes to us by way of Minnesota, is a recent college graduate (GCU, congrats!) has mastered the “soundcloud” style mixing in some verbal dexterity and cadences of upcoming rappers like Trippie Redd, and Ski Mask The Slump God. The free verse, sporadic delivery is very popular in the genre lately and Louie does it very well. One thing to watch for on this track for is switching rhyme patterns.

From the :38 second mark, Louie rides the one syllable sound for about 20 seconds where he raps: “I snag that/ yo bitch she on the way, I’m finna smash that/ I pass that straight right to the gang I don’t pass back/ my ex mad/yeah, she said she want me back/ I don’t back track/ already had that/ I just want fat stacks/ I’m talking mad cash/ add the racks straight up in the backpack/we don’t do subtraction, that’s just bad math/”. I was very impressed with his ability to stay on this same syllable sound for so long across the verse, and even though the subject matter of the song is basic, he took his time with the song writing.

What “Run It Up” lacks in originality, it makes up for in radio ready playability. The beat has both rapid fire strings and keys, as well as 808s, has a panicked feel to it. LouieLee matches the tempo with his quick delivery and aggressive content. “Run It Up” catches your attention as soon as the beat drops, but unfortunately the content doesn’t elevate the song in anyway. This song is clearly designated for a party vibe, and I think Louie missed an opportunity to make a more well-rounded song and instead repackaged overdone themes. To his credit though, his ability to ride the beat is second to none. At 2:23, Louie goes crazy, going in with a double time flow for more than 30 seconds, catching the listener off guard bringing them back into the song.

“Run It Up” shows LouieLee create an energy that is palpable. The song has a solid mix, although, I thought his verses could have been turned up just slightly.  His Ad-libs were used appropriately here, but at times it felt like his lyrics faded to the background due to their lack of depth and the aggressiveness of the beat. LouieLee notches a 7.5 out of 10 for his energy and flat out ability to ride a beat. That’s all for this week my people. More fire to come, thanks for stopping through. Peace and love, your boy, Bo!

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