3MMR: Episode 36 – “IDC” by Gem

Bird City, let’s get it!! Another week, another firebomb of hip-hop coming through your speakers. This week we have an artist who has easily become among my favorites coming out of the Phoenix Metro area. This week’s feature is the punky proclamation from, GEM, titled “IDC”. This song puts a smile on your face with its feel-good pop beat, and Gem slam dunks with her mix of sing/rap melodies, while sliding some good bars as well. The accompanying video for the song is fun as much fun as the song is, with Gem talking her shit on the couch, in the fountain, and at the skate park.

The first thing you’ll notice about “IDC” is that Gem is a really talented singer. The hook has a candy sweet sound to it, which is funny, because it completely directly juxtaposes the lyrics she’s singing.

“I let the wind blow through my hair, I don’t care

I kick my feet on people’s chairs, I don’t care

You don’t like me, I don’t give a damn

Cause I don’t like you too, damn”

The song, though, has a very positive message about being who you want to be, ignoring whoever doesn’t like you, and being yourself to the fullest. In the second verse, Gem really gets into her message singing, “One thing to keep in mind/ do what you wanna do/ fuck what they say, walk the line/ don’t tell me not tonight/ it’s my life, it’s my life/”. The punky, carefree, shit-talking, attitude is really refreshing, and the song almost seems like a dedication to the misfits. Gem runs in a different lane from traditional rappers/singers, in the vein of someone like P!NK, with a pop backdrop that contains an ass kicking mantra. The other noticeable thing about “IDC” is that Gem can spit almost as well as she sings.

After the bridge in the third verse. Gem really heats up, “Too thumbs up/ for them ones up/ in the crowd gettin’ loud having way too much fun/ figured out what it’s all about/ live it up, live it up/ cause you’re only gonna live once/”.  Gem continues in this verse with her positive vibe singing, “Don’t get salty and hateful/ no need for that kids/ I know it’s hard to be grateful/ when living’s a bitch/”

In her own middle finger throwing way, Gem finds an original way to mold punk rock, pop, and hip-hop all on one song. The song overall is unimpeachable, aside from the pop vibe that hardcore hip hop fans might not like. The song also isn’t heavy on lyrically creativity, but the message and overall fun vibe of the song make it worth a 9 out of 10 from the review this week. Shouts to Gem for a great song, and check out her video for “Nothin”, another really dope song on her Youtube page. Thanks for checking in this week, Phoenix! Always on the lookout for more flames, I’ll be back next week with what I find. Peace and love, your boy, Bo!

Written by Bo | Follow Bo on IG and Twitter!