3MMR: EPISODE 38 – “Hell Naw” by Smeared Lipstick Crew

What’s good my Bird City brethren?! Rain has finally come to wrap up a blazing hot summer, but we still smoking over here with new blazing Arizona Hip-Hop. Invading your ear drums this week is the all-female squad, the “Smeared Lipstick Crew” and their new single “Hell Naw”.

This aggressive group of femcees each bring their own style and delivery over an ominous cypher style beat. The song opens with Unique De’Vine laying down what turns out to be a forgettable hook, based on the strength of her verse that follows. Unique comes hard with a breathy verse talking down to fake boss chicks. Unique attacks from the jump with her opening barbs, “Yeah I see you on the sideline/ you ain’t really in the game though/don’t claim that you a boss bitch/ when we know you a lame hoe/”. Unique finishes the verse with smart jab, “they looking up to me, yeah that’s a facelift/”.

As the track continues, it easy to appreciate how each artist really differentiates themselves but complements the group. Monique jumps on with a more with more flair, and swag, but a little less lyrical impact. The track, while highly entertaining, lacks real depth, lyrically. The third verse from eSauce is the most emblematic of this issue, with straight forward and simple rhymes, “and my flow so tight like a virgin Madonna/ yeah, main bitch got you trippin all in my comments/”. For a song that features five highly talented women, it was a bit strange to see how misogynistic the song was. The talent is clearly there, and I think these women can make more impactful music than their catalog might suggest. The hook and source material are a bit stale, but the charisma of every rapper manages to hold your attention throughout.

The song itself sounds great. They picked a smart beat for a group track, and really allowed their collective vocal performance to be the main ingredient in the mix. The highlight of the entire song was the verse from Ambition. Ambition gives a show stealing rapid fire verse that stands out above the rest with her word play and delivery, “I’m a king to them, but I’m a god to me/”. Very dope, big shouts to Ambition. The arrangement of the rapper’s verses was well executed was well thought out. Faynt Amor (fayntskeeamor) wraps up the song very nicely with a slower pace and gangsta feel. Overall, these emcees are powerful together, and put out a very nice squad song to rock to. Deeper lyricism, and some originality of content could’ve pushed the song further as they are only scratching the surface of who they are as artists.

This week, the “Smeared Lipstick Crew” is going to walk away with an 8 out of 10 for their posse cut “Hell Naw”.  Be sure to check the link’s below for more dope music from the “Smeared Lipstick Crew” and be sure to keep an eye out for more content from these talented women. That’s all for this week family, we’ll catch you next week with a new review for the city. Peace and love as always, your boy, Bo!