3MMR: Episode 39 – “Destiny” by B$tone ft. Savannah Justice & David James

Bird City, what’s happening’!? Cooler weather has finally arrived and with it comes more Arizona bangers from the three-minute music review! This week we bring some reggae vibes in the form of “Destiny” from B$tone of EpodTribe, featuring the beautiful pipes of Savanah Justice on the hook, and a dope island inspired verse from David James. What strikes the ear immediately about “Destiny” is how bright the sonic palate is. The high organ keys compliment the verse from David James, and provide a nice contrast to the darker sound of B$tone’s verse. A really enjoyable aspect of this song (aside from the good verses and solid production) is the message of controlling your destiny and not being held down.

B$tone has a smooth, but rapid delivery packed full of positive affirmations as he opens the track stating, “Manifestation and patience my time never wasted/No copy and pasting, I’m always creating cause life’s what you make it, I’m shaping mine/” While this pace of the beat is a little bit slower, B’s quick delivery and deliberate enunciation keeps the listener locked-in. B$tone is a traditional emcee with both a sharp delivery and real meaning in his rhymes. Bars like, “the pen has more strength than the knife/ an eye for an eye, you paying the price/ I’m leading the blind/” and, “I move with purpose/ you watching a lion maneuver through serpents/ I been underground/ this will rise to the surface/” really showcase the meaning that B$tone weaves into his rhymes.

David James’ feature adds strong island flair to the song. His verse was delivered with the tone and cadence of a Rasta straight from Jamaica. DJ’s verse pairs well with B$tones and complements the message and feel of the track through and through. The song was recorded and mixed well, with plenty of space given for the talented Savanah Justice to lay down a potent and meaningful hook. The song’s island feel has become somewhat common in contemporary hip hop. The track also doesn’t lend itself to a lot of reply value for average fan given its inspirational theme. It is, however, a breath of fresh air to hear two solid emcees speaking on positive themes.

Overall, “Destiny” is a quality track with a great message and makes for an enjoyable listen, even if only once or twice. B$tone, Savanah Justice, and David James collaborate to take home an 8.5 out of 10 for their collective effort and great message on “Destiny”. That’s all for now hip-hop heads, I’ll see you back right here next week for more Arizona sounds. Peace and love, your boy, Bo!