3MMR: Episode 40 – “Do U Wanna” by Noah Wright

What’s good out there, Bird City!? It’s your boy, Bo, back with another sound bomb for your listening pleasure! We’re kicking off Week 40 with a review with the talented Noah Wright. His sex fueled hit, “Do U Wanna?”, finds Noah smoothly rhyming over a relaxed and mostly simple beat. The video, directed by the talented Tony Kure, is highly sexual and really catches the mood and vibe of the song, including some ill-advised pornographic moaning at the end of the video.

Oddly enough, probably the biggest downfall of the song is that it needed another verse. The entire vibe of the song is to party and chill, probably under the influence of some good drugs. After two hooks and a verse, you don’t want the party to end, and it suddenly does. Noah does a great job with the hook, laying some great adlibs over the top including, “eyyyyyyyeaaaaa”, and at different points in the first verse, a couple of well-placed, “alright, alright”. The hook is designed to be straight forward and let you know exactly what we’re about to do.

“Tell me all the lies, tell me everything, make me feel good/
I can be your nigga, I can be your dealer, I can be your plug/
Do you wanna smoke, do you wanna drink, do you wanna fuck?/”

For a party joint, I really appreciated two things about the track. First, Noah gets to the point quickly without being extra, i.e no obnoxious autotune, no loud adlibs (sans the moaning at the end of the song), and no wasted bars with, “ah” and “ey” in between them. As a matter of fact, Noah is extremely lyrical during his verse. Noah shows his lyrical versatility with rhymes like, “A hurricane to your tidal waves, I’m Tupac in his final days/”, and “when you feel the banks they sneak diss like Geoffrey/so I gotta flex like Lebron at the Espys/”. Noah’s laid-back delivery keeps a smooth feel to the song, with a balanced tone and easy delivery.

This song establishes a quick vibe and gets out. As an easy listening, party song, “Do U Wanna” doesn’t hit you over the head with originality, however, the use and timing of the adlibs over parts of the song really make it pop. The vocals for Noah could’ve been turned up slightly to make his voice a bigger feature on the song, but the mix was solid. “Do U Wanna” is a quick thrill ride, and holds up well, even though it’s over almost before it starts. Noah Wright’s single, “Do U Wanna” is going to take home a 7.5 out of 10 from the review this week, as it does a lot of things well, but ends before it can really drive them home. Thanks for stopping by checking us out this week, more to come, next week! Peace and love, your boy, Bo!!!