3MMR. Episode 42. Stoop Kid. “No Reply”

It’s that time again people! Wednesday is for Three Minute Music Reviews. Grab your pop corns and settle in because we got new Arizona music to get to. This week’s feature artist is Stoop Kid, and his drippy, trap-hop joint “No Reply”. “No Reply”, is contemporary hip hop at its best with its mechanical beat and simple hook: “fuck a op/ fuck a cop/ fuck a bitch in my shocks/ getting paid, getting guap/”. Stoop kid isn’t pushing the limits lyrically in any way, shape, or form, but he captures the “trap swag” vibe of the new era with his content, delivery, and beat selection.

The strongest point of Stoop Kid’s joint “No Reply”, is surprisingly, his delivery. Stoop lays down his rhymes very deliberately with remarkable clarity and well within the song’s pockets. The song’s content is bland with stereotypical hip-hop platitudes, “shawty gone ride for the kid/ shawty gone ride for the team/ shawty gone ride with the K/ shawty gone ride with the beam/”, but the cadence and timing of Stoop’s delivery is on point. The song’s mix is smooth and while the hook’s adlibs are a bit more aggressive, the verses are bare and minimalistic. The minimalistic sound partnered with the short play time (2:20 seconds) checks all the boxes for new era hip-hip and Stoop Kid carries the wave.

Lyrically, Stoop Kid has a few solid lines in the brief, but entertaining song. A few of the stand out lines for their imagery include: “Since I was young had this money up/ said I was dumb had to shut em up/running these routes had to cut em up”/, and “twins on my hip want the same cock/”. “No Reply” is meant to hit a vibe on the party level, and this song achieves that goal. From an originality standpoint, there’s not much new to find here, as the song stays well within its intended trap/party vibe boundaries. “No Reply” is meant to get a party turnt up or to pre-game to and take shots. “No Reply” is going to take home a 7.0 out of 10 from the review this week for its ability to capture your attention and get the party started but lacks essential review criteria like originality and lyrical depth.

That’s all for this week folks! More to come as we near a full year of three-minute music reviews! Thanks for the support, Bird City!