This year has been a good one for the Arizona music scene. People have started to lend an ear to the many local artists grinding to make an impact with their music. But music isn’t the only thing that’s been moving in the city. People are making moves modeling, shooting photography, and even making movies! And then there are some people who just do multiple things. Stylz fits into this category.

Earlier this year, Stylz released a song titled “My Name Is” that seemed to be his musical re-introduction to the AZ music scene after some time away from making music. You may have seen the music video for the song, which we posted here in BCV. Stylz is a Florida native who brings a southern style to the west coast to add to the variety already on the scene. More recently, Stylz released another single, “So Lonely”, which was is the second sound released from this underground talent following “My Name Is“. This song provides a bit of the old school hip-hop lyricism and storytelling that isn’t as common today as in times past. However,  music is not Stylz only talent. When he’s not in the booth, Stylz is in front of the camera either posing or acting. You may also catch him hosting events around the valley.

After checking out this new artist, what do you think? Do you believe that “Stylz the Artiste” have what it takes to become a star among the talent in AZ? Is his sound on par with your current favorite artist? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

Check out him out on InstagramTwitter, and SoundCloud!


  1. I love everything this new artist. All the music that he has out shows his passion. I can’t wait for the first album. I am and will forever be your biggest fan❤️❤️❤️


  2. I am very greatful and proud of everything you have become and where you came from. Your time is coming like I tell you always, from high school and until the lord calls me away, I’ll always, no matter what be your #1 fan! I can’t wait for that first album, cause they gone hear you and feel you and want oh so much more! Proud of you stylez! Get It pumping!!!


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