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The Introduction: Hai’Saun Adams

Pictures tell stories that words cannot. No wonder how Instagram got so popular, right? Everyone wants to snap a pic and post it to “the gram” to show a life that, in reality, they may not be living. But no matter how good you are at taking selfies, a picture taken by a photographer can’t be matched. Photographers see it all. No matter your faults, photographers are able to capture your best side. They help you tell the story you want to tell. But what about their story? People never really ask.

We connected with Haisaun Adams a.k.a. King Haus, a local photographer who has captured the best of many around the valley, from concerts, to events, photo shoots, and nightlife. We wanted to get his story and put it into words the best we can. Check out our Q&A with “King Haus.”  Continue reading The Introduction: Hai’Saun Adams