3MMR: Ep. 45 – “Android 18” by CincoTheWolf

What’s good citizens of Bird City!? We are back after a week off! Hope you enjoyed lots of food, friends, and family! Right now, it’s time for more wavy AZ joints from the city’s finest. This week’s featured artist, CincoTheWolf, has created his own unique sound flowing over spacey, airy, beats that are perfect for riding to or relaxing. “Android 18” is the stand out track from Cinco’s recently release EP “Pre” and the song is a lot of fun. With laid back vocals matching a relaxed beat, Cinco gives his complementary thoughts on the evolving thickness of white women by comparing them to Android 18 of Dragon Ball Z lore. Dragon Ball Z has become very popular among hip-hop enthusiasts and artists alike, and it was very smart for Cinco to make a song around one of the characters.

“Android 18” is extreme in its simplicity lacking in both significant studio effects, as well as powerful lyrics. Where the song is successful, is its appeal to women, and a clever hook. Cinco raps with a light auto-tune over his voice giving his delivery a mechanical quality creating a unique sound. This joint is full of youthful swag filled lines such as: “I’m a hot boy, she gone let me dip up in it/got that fanta on my right/yeah I’m poured up with that hot quil/stacks on my left, I got that money, we don’t pay a bill/”. The mix was slightly mismanaged with the bells often overtaking Cinco’s almost quiet rapping. The song’s pacing was a bit slow to match the tempo of the beat, and after about 90 seconds or so you might find yourself drifting off a bit.

“Android 18” doesn’t set out to be a lyrical “tour de force” by any means. The bars are meant to be easily digested with the fairly basic bridge underscoring the point, “Niggas mad cause she fuck with me/bitches mad cause she fuck with me/”. Cinco does, however, deliver a quick DBZ reference fans will enjoy, “Lil ma the one I’m feeling, yeah that’s my lime light/”the way she killin, I’m so Krillin wish me back to life/” as well as a clever shot, “I got a big boat, “I can make the sail (sale)/”. Most of the rest of the track are throw away lines such as “she know I’m ballin, first pick NBA”. “Android 18” is a solid concept that fell just a little bit short in the mix and lyrical content. CincoTheWolf is going to notch a 7 out of 10 for this weeks review. Be sure to check out his “PRE” Ep on Sound Cloud as he delivers on several of the tracks including “ICFWUNM”, “inHERstate”, and “Work3x”. That’s all for this week. More top AZ artists to come next week. Peace and love, you boy, Bo!

Written by Bo | Follow Bo on IG and Twitter!