3MMR: Episode 46 – “Put Me On” by Kollateral & ATB

Heads up that this candidate also came through another company.  Her resume appears to be modified to group both recent roles with Wells Fargo into one role called Operational Risk Consultant.  On your resume, she only had 3 months as an Operational Risk Consultant and on the other she has a year.  She appears to have some tracking/reporting background, but if I go off the original resume, she only has 3 months experience in this area. I’m going to decline this candidate.

As soon as you hit play on “Put Me On”, Kollateral meets you at entrance, energetically, with his rapid fire, in pocket flows, “I don’t came up out the streets with a mean flow/ ever wanna talk shit with an ego/ did your momma ever tell you could dream, though/I been filling up these lines like bingo/”.  The song’s vibe and sonic pallet is unique, even if the lyrical content doesn’t necessarily follow a theme. There’s a certain bounce and confidence from both rappers that really shines through in each of their verses. The hook is bare bones, but the melody that ATB creates ties the song together well.

Lyrically, there are some high and low points with “Put Me On”. Lines like “you aint know that I got mind of the dark knight/ shit I’m servin’ get it caught up in a shark fight/ ball hard for my city like Cartwright/” show depth and dexterity, but a few bars later the rhymes get inaudible from the 25 to 30 the second mark due to his speedy delivery. As mentioned earlier, the song also doesn’t follow any noticeable theme, other than one line at the end of Kollateral verse, “always got hand out when you take for free/”, highlighting that you should try to get it on your own. ATB’s verse was also a bit choppy in the beginning with him responding to his own questions, but he picks up the pace and builds a head of steam toward the end where it finishes strong, “Now I’m poppin’ dumb niggas like zits/ they can’t over stand so I’m giving them fits/niggas ill equipped in a battle of wits/”.

The sound quality on “Put Me On” is excellent with the duo sounding exceptionally crispy over the beat. The beat is at the right level and leaves room for the rappers to really shine. The adlibs on the verses are expertly blended and everything fits together nicely in a clean package. Kollateral and ATB come together for a win on “Put Me On”, and will earn themselves and 8.5 out of 10 this week from the review for strong lyricism, a perfect mix, and a catchy hook. Thanks for popping in this week and checking out more of Arizona’s finest! More to come as we close out the year, stayed tuned! As always, Peace and Love, your main man, Bo!

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