3MMR. Episode 47. E-Wulf Ft. Breana Markin. “Destination”.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it’s that time again! Digging through the crates of Instagram, SoundCloud, YouTube, and Spotify to bring you the undiscovered gems of the AZ hip-hop scene, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the THREE MINUTE MUSIC REVIEW! Ok that was lame, but this week’s joint will make up for that. “Destination” from E-Wulf featuring Breana Marin is an uplifting and powerful track that quickly catches your attention. It’s easy to hear the soul and power behind Briana Marin’s hook, and the quick beat of the drum mimic a heartbeat, instantly drawing you on.

E-Wulf’s voice slowly creeps onto the track with a low metallic echo effect. The sound drips with vulnerability from the very start as he opens the track, “surprises catch me with my guard down/sometimes a smile, sometimes a sad frown/”. With the heavy effect on his voice, the verses require a few times through to catch what he’s saying. E might have been better served to lay off the effects to give him a fuller sound, but admittedly the effect makes the song seems a bit darker. The rapper’s vocals end up much lower than the beat, which is problematic from a sound quality standpoint. The vibe and the incredible hook, however, allow you to carry on without missing a beat.

The song’s vibe and content come off as a battle cry, and E-Wulf rides the beat smoothly. “Destination” is the type of track you look for when feeling down or looking something to help you get back up, making it a unique song. In the second verse, E-Wulf really shows his chops as an emcee as he rips into the verse quickly: “I am just trying to get god on the phone/ waiting for someone to take up my throne/ this fuckin dog needs to chew on a bone/ watch how you speak to me check on your tone/can’t wait til lunch it’s no time for a break/ stacking my bread til I munch on a steak/”. Lyrically, E-Wulf presents a full arsenal of inspirational ideas as is evident on the bridge: “Destined for greatness, I always keep going up/reject the fakeness cause we’re only growing up/ living one way in the fast lane, I need to slow down/ but I’m so high and I’m not ready yet to come down/”.

While the mix on the joint could’ve been a little tighter to give E-Wulf’s voice a boost, E-Wulf’s Breana Marin backed song, “Destination” is going to take home 9 out of 10 this week from the review for a great listen that married the combination of lyrical execution and strong content. That’s all this week my people! More on the horizon next week, keep it locked! Peace and love, your boy, Bo!!