3MMR: Episode 48 – “Find My Way” by Sam Opoku

What’s good people of Phoenix, Arizona! Happy Holidays! It’s your homie, Bo, back again with some new Arizona heat for you to ride with. This week we take a quick foray into some new wave R&B with an upbeat banger from Sam Opoku, called “Find My Way”. This song could easily find itself on the soundtrack of a movie with its powerful message and solid execution of the song’s themes. The instrumentation alone incorporates a very jungle type vibe with deep drums, snaps, whistles, rain stick, and what I’m led to believe are panpipes. The overall sound of the song is both powerful, and a bit overcrowded at the same time. As a listener you get bit sucked in to everything going on in the background and potentially miss some incredible lyrics.

The inspirational quality of “Find My Way” brings to mind feelings of overcoming adversity, like when Simba is crowned king in the movie, “Lion King”. The song’s theme is executed, not only through the instrumentation, but through some incredible lyrics. The opening lines of the song paint a vivid picture of a man in a relationship where he’s lost his way. Sam opens, “Lately every night, I’ve been having dreams about you/ there’s a cello in my head playing slow and tune doesn’t flow well without you/.” The chorus shows off Sam’s talented pipes where he sings, “Cause the road gets rocky, and the rain gone come/but still I’ll be looking at the sun and I’ll find my way/. There are cool effects on Sam’s adlibs (1:37, 1:49, 2:29), along with some assistance from another vocal on top creating a fun, funky sound that gives another element of originality to the vibe.

The song is mixed well and has a few points where the beat slows leaving ample space for Sam to really reach his peak as a singer. Lyrically, Sam is a great song writer using vivid imagery and storytelling to tell a love story. The message of finding your true destiny is felt with lines like: “every night every night/ bathing my scars in the moonlight, my heart pounding fast and it sounds like/ the beats like the bass in the drumline/.” Toward the end of the song, there’s a beautifully performed bridge with an amazing harmony really drives the nail in his message, “I been on my own/learning how to slow my stride/steady trying to keep my pace/travel by the light/ learning how to kill my pride/.”

“Find My Way” is an excellent song with a superb message, intricate mix, and great lyrics. Only small improvements could’ve included, a shorter run time, and maybe a little less action on the instrumentation. For its high quality this week, “Find My Way” is going to take home a 9.5 out of 10, one of our highest scores in a few weeks. Salute to Sam for an incredible song and please check out more of his music on the links below. More next week, Bird City Fam! Peace and love, your boy, Bo!

Written by Bo | Follow Bo on IG and Twitter!