3MMR: Episode 49 – “Trillssouri” by Fuego Bentley

What’s good Bird City, Happy New Year and welcome to 2019! I hope everyone made it into the new year without any issues and is ready for some new Arizona Hip-Hop! Right out the gate for 2019, we got the lyrical flame thrower, Fuego Bentley, and his new joint, “Trillssouri”. Rapping over the over Migos’ popular “Walk It, Like I talk it” beat, Fuego aggressively cements his place on the Arizona Hip-Hop scene taunting artists in the area right from the jump, “I’m the rapper that you rappers need to be afraid of/ singing to these women like I’m Keith Sweat, but I still keep the same buzz/”. Fuego keeps a machine gun pace with his lines throughout the entirety of “Trillssouri”, and the track maintains a high level of production value.

Fuego does an excellent job getting attention using his voice and cadence alone. The production on the track is perfect. Fuego’s voice is crystal clear over the beat, and he picks his spots extremely well for adlibs and voice effects. The remix Fuego puts together is full of personality and energy, as well a ton of creative wordplay. Mr. Bentley is out to make a point to other Arizona artists that he feels don’t stack up to his lyrical ability. Fuego gives 100% of his focus to bars on this song, which suffers slightly because there’s no break in the firebombs Bentley drops. For those less lyrically inclined, or more melodically driven, they might have a hard time keeping up with the pace.

Lyrically, “Trillssouri” is second to none. There’s several great quotes from Fuego that showcase his creativity and emphasis on lyricism. Bars like, “Fuck it up like the bang bus/ Got no talent, but you famous/”, “I been eatin’ beats like they Captain Crunch/”, “Run up a bag, Run up a bag/ gucci gang, gucci gang, throw it like boomerang/throw all the money and get it right back/”, are delivered with emphasis and enunciation putting Fuego in a class with few others, with his delivery and lyrical versatility. “Trillssouri” has a very high replay value if you enjoy hard “cypher type” bars, and aggressive rhyming. “Trillssouri” is going to lock down a 9 out of 10 for superb delivery, well-crafted bars, and quality production.  2019 is off and running with our first banger of the year. More to come, so keep it locked next week and we’ll be back with more gems from the Arizona music scene. Peace and love, your boy, Bo!

Written by Bo | Follow Bo on IG and Twitter!