When the Arizona music scene is mentioned, people automatically think of the Phoenix Metropolitan area and nothing else. This is a bit expected with Phoenix being the capital of the state. However, those who only focus on music artists making moves in the Phoenix area overlook, and deprive themselves of, the talent in other areas. Some of the artists that are often overlooked are those in the Tucson area. From my own experience, I believe this is a HUGE mistake.

Tucson has some of the most underrated artist in the state! I am confident in saying that some of the best artists reside there. In the past, I’ve covered artist like Tommy Will, who finished 2018 with a tour, and an album filled with songs produced by Kato (“K-K-Kato On The Track Bihhhh”). But there are many others who deserve to be mentioned, and my hope this year is to able to help shine a light on a few of them. But there’s one person in particular who everyone should be on the lookout for this year: Jamal Ari.

Jamal has released two albums so far: Paid In Blood & Vampcamp. His debut album gives a bit of a back story about his journey which led to him creating music, and the second album is the takeoff. Stay tuned to our coverage of new content created by these two artists, as well as other artist in the Tucson area contributing to the Arizona music scene.

Share if you agree that Tucson is next up! Comment below with the name of artists that you believe should be covered.


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