3MMR: Episode 50 – “Premix” by Lapre

What’s good boys and girls, it’s your man Bo, and I’m back to present you with a gem from another talented Phoenix artist. After looking through the interwebs for hot joints, I stumbled about up on Lapre, a dope female emcee, from greater Phoenix Metro area. Lapre brings a soulful, sing-song flow with a slightly auto-tuned backend, that emerges with a very emotional and heartful sound. Lapre speaks on her love life authentically and unapologetically while also displaying versatility and strength. At 1:51, Lapre leaves the singing to the side for a minute and goes off in a verbal assault on her ex, “Feel where I’m coming, don’t play with my mental/ you thought I’d call back, but it wasn’t that simple/ you mad, look what you had/cried through the pain so it wasn’t that sad/.”” The honesty and vulnerability on this song really grabs you by the collar on the very first listen.

Sonically, I think Lapre relied on autotune more than she needed to. She’s got a strong voice, that gets hidden behind the intricate beat and heavy auto tune. The melodic sound of her voice with the back and forth bouncy rhythm in her flow really helped Lapre put her own unique vibe on “Premix”. With no features on the song, Lapre holds your attention because of her stellar song writing, vocal range and above average flow. Sound quality on “Premix” could have been improved slightly by allowing a more natural sound to her voice, which is its own right is distinctive.

The best aspect of this song is by far the story telling and emotion it delivers. Right from the jump, Lapre is delivers her story, “So done with love, it’s so fucked up/ how you trust them so you give them everything, but what does it really mean, uh/”. There’s a significant amount of pain that Lapre leaves all over the track with bars like, “I fixed myself, and I had no help from you, that’s cool/ I’ll never understand, If you love the way I am, then why can’t you be the one/”, and “I gave you my love and I always stayed down, but the realer came out when you stopped coming round/”, Lapre spares no emotion to the listener. Delivering a powerful statement full of personal lyrics and storytelling, Lapre is going to take home an 8.5 out of 10 for a well-crafted song that delivers on speaking directly to the listener. That’s all for this week people! Week 50 is in the books! I’ll be back next week with another certified Arizona smash. Peace and love, you boy, Bo!

Written by Bo | Follow Bo on IG and Twitter! Photo cred: Nicki Price