3MMR: Episode 52 – “Fall In” by Charley Brown

Phoenix, Arizona, Bird City, the Burning Bird, we’ve brought you a full year of reviews. We brought you 52 different artists, had a couple perfect 10’s, and reviewed some incredible music along the way. This week we bring you more of the same with a dope new song from Charley Brown of the Krown Sound squad. Charley brings a piano bar sound, while speaking  real facts on his relationship with an on-again, off-again ex. The song is full of observational lyricism matched with poignant anecdotes about situations that anyone in love has dealt with.  The song has a mellow laid-back vibe for riding around the city or drowning your sorrows in a bottle of whiskey.

Charley fills the first verse up with pregnant pauses: “Say you done had enough/sorry I brought it up/you don’t wanna fall in love/cause I made it hard to trust/,” creating a conversational feel that could take place during late night phone call with a past flame. Charley raps with a candidly, which is easy to appreciate in a song devoid of real melody other than some light adlibs on the hook. CB did a phenomenal job of crafting his song’s content around the emotion within the beat. The song’s mix is incredibly simple and bare, creating the honest, vulnerable, original sound that you end up hearing.

The only real thing missing from the song was a melodic hook from CB. In the space where he gives us his hook, a written melody would’ve fit the song perfectly. The inflection in his voice naturally lends itself to a melodic sounds and a soulful hook would’ve been the perfect touch to an already solid song. Lyrically, Charley drops several mature gems regarding relationship woes. A few favorites included: “keeping your guard up, no snakes in the grass when the yard cut/”, “if love is a drug I am an addict relapsing I’m back here to bag it up/”, and the best line was the one that ended the song, “how we gone go from being in love with each other to somebody like a buddy right in front of your man, yeah/ when you sending hints that this isn’t really the end, so/”.

Charley Brown puts together another strong showing for the Krown Sound squad. The vibe, lyrics, and song mix are all extremely well put together, save for a lack of melody on the hook. “Fall in” is also a little on the short side with about 2:25 of actual rapping. Charley Brown is going to take home a 9.0 out of 10 for very mature and honest song. Until next time Bird City, more hot music on the way! Peace and love, your boy, Bo!

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