3MMR. Episode 60. CM Sound. “Aura”

What’s good my people! Bird city, we’re back again and its time to get into the some new Arizona heat! This week we have a singer, songwriter, and emcee in the form of Chad Michael (@cmsound) hailing from Tucson, AZ, but splitting time in Los Angeles. This joint this week is a dreary, rainy R&B hip-hop blend, with a distinct sound and creative wordplay. Chad is a dual threat. He’s an excellent singer and an above average emcee. CM’s latest joint, “Aura”, is a night-time ride through the city with your ex on your mind painted with a subtle hook, and intricate lyrics.

CM finds his lane early with his smooth hook setting things off.

“The city lights will make your wrist talk/
But shit I’m tryna make the whip talk/
When you do better they be pissed off/
It cuts em deep I know that shit hurts/”

CM starts song off a bit slowly and almost loses his audience early on as the content from the hook to the first verse shifts a bit. In the first verse, CM starts out writing off an old ex, “he’ll never fuck you like I did and you know it now/ still so vindictive but the music helps me control it now”, but changes directions and doubles the pace around 1:18 with some creative wordplay, “born on the precipice/still all of us act so reck-e-less/but truthfully I eat/ 90% of you rappers for break-a-fast/”. As an emcee CM is at his best when he raps quickly. He has a sound and delivery similar to G-Eazy.

“Aura” is highly original since it doesn’t remind me of anything I’ve heard in recent memory. CM’s cadence, rhyme patterns, and singing are all unique. The second verse on the song, however, was completely unnecessary. This additional verse leaves you feeling like he left his best at the beginning of the song. The second verse seems more like running thoughts that would’ve been better suited for a freestyle.

“Aura” has a professional sound and feel to it, from the vocal recording to the guitar strings played in the background by CM. At certain points, especially early in the song (0:39- 0:51), it sounds a little busy from the different echoes, effects, and voice overs. Lyrically, CM is sharp with the bars. On the best lines in the song, CM refers to the 2000 super bowl’s final play, and fine Italian garments. During barrage of machine gun bars, CM lets off, “She look so enticing in that tight Italian/ Baby stretch it for me/ Kevin Dyson/ I’m a titan in the making/”. This line is brilliant if you know the story of the 2000 Superbowl, if not you can learn some history here, Kevin Dyson. At the end of verse one, CM finishes with some great imagery, “I been sent answers for anyone trying to test me/ when it comes to myself I still won’t’ ask for help isolated ignoring the best me/isolation I’m taking my shot/two on the clock who bout to contest me/flick of the wrist/I would say that I’m back, but I never left me/”.

CM made a fantastic song, and although the second verse wasn’t necessary, there’s a lot to like. For his efforts and highly creative song, CM is going to take home a 9 out of 10 this week from the review. That’s all this week, fam! More to come next week, so stay tuned! Peace and love, your boy, Bo!