3MMR. Episode 61. Arizona Slimm. Slimm Chance Muzik.

Bird City, lets burn it down! Same time, same channel, its your big homie, Bo, back with some new Arizona fire. This week the vibes are muddy and the lyrics are sharp! Hope you got the double cups on deck for the homie, Arizona Slimm, and his new heat, “Slimm Chance Muzik”. Slimm’s music is classic trapper talk laced with emotion, like the music that popular autotuned rapper, “Future” creates. Slimm’s sound, with its muddy autotune, is full of creative lines about trap life, money, drugs, and women. The beat is simple, but hype with Slimm using his vocals and adlibs to create the vibe.

Arizona Slimm’s new joint is genius in its simplicity. The mix is solid, varying from most heavily autotuned trap songs, because you can decipher his lyrics. The bass on the 808 is still booming, but not to the point where I can’t understand him. Slimm is a talented rapper and his uses a varied pace across the track which helps with engagement. On this song, like with any standard trap rapper, there’s not a ton of differing content and it suffers a little because of that. Slimm presents himself like the type of street rapper who probably has great stories that he can share, this song could’ve used these stories for varied content.

This type of sound doesn’t offer up much from an originality standpoint. The autotuned trap rap sound is a staple of the modern landscape and has been largely cornered by the legend, “Future”. While this style is not unique to the current state of the game, Arizona Slimm does it well. As far as muddled autotune raps, Slimm raps clearly and does a great job of adding some melody in between his bars. The hook is simple and straight forward, but Slimm opens the song with some great lyrics. He jumps into the first verse brilliantly, “My diamonds dancing, choreography/ go get the money, yeah that’s my philosophy/ came in this bih with the glock on me/ pockets like I hit the lottery”. Slimm’s bars are smart, straight forward and easy for the listener to digest. He also provides imagery in the lines: “smoking on cherry pie/ ask in the trap, boy I’m verified/ glock in my lap, boy I keep the fire/ my daughter got 30 mil if I die/ I’m choppin the work like a samurai/ red dot on your head if you testify”.

Arizona Slimm has a solid song on his hands. The song ended a little early, but he gave a solid effort with some great bars, and strong execution. For his work on “Slimm Chance Muzik”, Arizona Slimm is going to take home an 8 out of 10 from the review! Be sure to take a listen to the album he released last year, Trillmatic, as it has some bangers you don’t want to miss! That’s all for now, my people! Peace and love, your boy, Bo!