3MMR. Episode 63. Louie Da 3rd. “LIT”

What’s the word, Bird City? We back and crackin’ with a West Coast bounce for the city. This week’s featured joint would make YG proud with the level of street appeal mixed with solid rap skill and enough swag to move bodies in the club. The bounce of the synth and drum give Louie da 3rd’s new joint “Lit” the vibe and energy to tear up both the club and the streets.

“Lit” has crispy engineering and delivery on the verses. Louie comes on the track with a precise sound and style familiar to anyone who likes street music. Louie’s flow has style, swag, and creativity (I like big blue face, bust down Thotiana, ey!). The beat is simplistic leaving lots of room for Louie to not only delivery clear verses but set the vibe with small nuances behind the beat. Louie keeps it simple on the track which is smart. The song is easy to follow lyrically, and the sound separates itself from other music in the trap/street genre because there isn’t too much background noise, no autotune, and has strong vocals.

Louie’s music in general isn’t changing the game with ground breaking presentation or new ideas. What he provides instead is an authenticity that comes off naturally. Even in the music video for “Lit”, Louie remains laid back in his element, not stunting too hard or acting too hype. The content itself is general street talk with lines about money, fashion, and women. There was very little pace or style change in the song, which causes it to wear out quickly. A feature would’ve provided a nice change of pace and really rounded out the song a bit more.

Lyrically, “Lit” is more straight forward than hyper lyrical. Louie spends most of his time speaking facts rather than anything made up. What Louie does provide, though, is a lot of well painted imagines including, “Foreign engineering, liquor fucking up the steering, ey/ old school sliding wheels posi in the rear, ey/ baby talking money I can hear it real clear, ey/, and “I’m in the coup, top down bumpin’ filthy/ fuck with real niggas only real niggas feel me/ sliding through the city gas tank on empty/ running game by lil baby tryna politic a Bentley/”.

Louie da 3rd put together a strong offering in his first run on the 3MMR. “Lit” has a crispy sound, infectious bounce and some great imagery to match Louie’s authenticity. For his work this week, the homie Louie da 3rd is going to take home an 8.5 out of 10 from the review for a solid song. That’s all for now my Bird City fam, I’ll be back next week to start May off right with a banger. Peace, and love, your boy, Bo!

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