3MMR. Episode 64. Sancho. “Trife”

Bird City family, what’s the deal!? We back and ready for action as always. Another gem on deck from the coast that is the West. This week’s featured track comes to us by way of promoter/manager, Adam Keller (@a_juicy_k) and has some Kanye on 808’s N’ Heartbreaks vibes to it. The style is eccentric, and the musical silhouette surrounds the song in electronic vibes. This week the homie, Sancho, who resides in the bay area, is bringing us coffee shop and movie soundtrack feels with “Trife”. From the opening bars, the song captures your attention, although at first, you may not be sure what to make of it. The vibes are a bit trippy, and the first verse is a bit muffled due to the pseudo-mumble rap delivery in Sancho’s verse.

Off top the song is enjoyable. The booming bass matched with the flute and drippy autotune all give “Trife” eclectic feel that you could find on a dance floor or playing over speakers at an outdoor strip mall. It’s a highly original track, not only because of the aesthetic of the song, but also the contrast of the two emcees on the song together. It’s rare that two rappers with such a different style and sound display so much chemistry. In certain spots, the song gets a bit crowded (particularly at 0:45 – 0:55 seconds) due to the high use of vocal effects, but fortunately it doesn’t last long, and isn’t impactful enough to really affect the song. While “Trife” is almost four minutes long, it is so well done, you really don’t notice the run time.

The sound quality on “Trife” is solid even though it’s so busy with effects. The one drawback is that it was tough to hear Sancho on the first verse as the autotune was a bit too muddy. The adlibs are heavy, but again, it wasn’t to the detriment of the song. The adlibs helped cultivate the unique sound that these two were looking to put together. Lyrically, there are some bright spots on “Trife”. In the first verse, Sancho unexpectedly speaks about his future and family when he spits, “Yeah my momma need a mansion, make 10 mil/gone give it to my grandson/ tryna build a legacy don’t wanna see me happen/ wanna hold a nigga grip for the ransom/”. The homie AdamBeen came a couple slick bars himself with, “she stay wet in the sunny weather/she said she going to Vegas told her see you never/I’m move with the precision gotta pull the levers/”.

Overall “Trife” is a unique offering from two emcees whose styles contrast, but sound great together. “Trife” is a blend of eclectic sounds that relies a little more on vibe than substance, but still rocks nonetheless. For their efforts this week, the bay area duo are going to take home an 8.75 out of 10 for a unique and overall really dope song! That’s all this week, more bangers coming at you on the next episode! Peace and love, your boy, Bo!!!

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