3MMR. Episode 65. Karamel Klassik. “Do or Die.”

What’s good, people!? Another week, another undiscovered gem from the Arizona Hip-Hop Scene! Our feature this week comes to us by way of a producer and rapper from Phoenix by the name of Karamel Klassik. Recently, the up-and-coming emcee dropped his newest joint, “Do or Die”, featuring frequent collaborator, Dyevinci. “Do or Die” is a somber, string filled, melody driven, rap ballad that touches on struggles with love and trying to get where you want to be in life.

Klassik’s deadpan rap style is unique on “Do or Die”, but not as exciting as his contemporaries on the AZ Hip-Hop scene. His voice has a warm sound that creates a great “sing-song” melody for the hook, but his delivery has no variation and the bars don’t have any power behind them. The outcome of this rap style is twofold: on one hand it creates a very listenable, relaxing vibe, on the other, it makes the first verse forgettable. The content in his music is full of introspection and substance, however, it’s a bit difficult to stay locked-in with a lack of emotion and style.

Overall, “Do or Die” sounds pretty good. There are no glaring issues in the mix and he hit his stride on the hook. Klassik’s vocal performance is strong with his verse clearly enunciated and delivered on beat. Klassik’s vocals mesh with the beat and his rhymes are easy to digest. The pairing of Klassik and Dyevinci work well as their styles create a contrast. Dyevinci comes on the track with more urgency and pace than Klassik. Toward the back half of Dyevinci’s verse, he uses a bit of melody that fits nicely.

Lyrically, both Klassik and Dyevinci deliver introspective verses about their lives. In the first verse, Karamel Klassik gives you a glimpse into his life, “been through hell and back and that’s a fact I fell off track/kind of felt attacked, but sick of always fighting that/ but learned some lessons, more knowledge than the old me had/ it’s getting closer, but haters trying to hold me back/.” Dyevinci shows some versatility in his verse as well when he rhymes, “pack it up I’m leavin’/ I hit the road and run the track to show this path I’m leading/you do the math get to the fact you stabbed my back I’m bleeding/ and if she asks I’m going fast no turning back I’m speeding/.”

With “Do or Die”, Karamel Klassik and his partner Dyevinci give a solid performance that falls just a bit flat in holding the listeners attention with witty wordplay or a unique sound. The duo, however, gives a heartfelt and honest look at their lives. For their efforts this week, Karamel Klassik and his cohort, Dyevinci, are going to take home a 7 out of 10 from the review. This it for this week my people! More to come, stay tuned! Peace and love, your boy, Bo!