3MMR. Episode 66. The Kaleidoscope Kid Ft. Cori Rios. “Gone for a Little Bit”

What’s good my constituents of Bird City, it’s your guy, Bo, back again with another feature from the streets of the PHX. This week’s featured joint is a breezy beach tune that reminds me of a summer day in San Diego. The beat is simple and airy, with the steady note of an organ humming softly in the background and a bouncy drum and kick in the foreground. The song of the week for this last the week of May comes to us from The Kaleidoscope Kid (TKK) featuring Cori Rios, and their summer hit, “Gone for a Little Bit”.

Being completely honest, I’m not 100% sure what the song is exactly about. Doing my best to put it together, it sounds like a guy who’s leaving the love of his life to go pursue an outside situation i.e., to help family, a job opportunity, or something that will separate the two for a period. Being that the song’s concept was a little ambiguous hurt it slightly, but there’s not much to not like about it overall. From an originality standpoint, “Gone for a Little Bit” immediately strikes your ear and makes your head bob. The content speaks of love, togetherness, and exploration (“sweet flower child says spread your wings you’ll go far”). The vocal performance from both The Kaleidoscope Kid and Cori Rios are strong. The style is unique and upbeat, and the sound reminds me of the rock rap stylings of bands like Gym Glass Heroes, or Twenty-One Pilots.

“Gone for a Little Bit” is well mixed with a strong synth carrying the action of track, but still allowing a nice wavy path for TKK and Cori to lay his soft summer time vocals. The drum and kick are placed well allowing for an the up-tempo pace and energy in the track. Lyrically, TKK’s latest effort doesn’t feature high lyricism, but rather is more impactful in its meaning and whimsy. The biggest take away from “Gone for a Little Bit” is that it speaks consistently about love, something not always found in hip-hop. Early in the first verse, TKK speaks the meaning of the song, “love is the rock, kid, love is the rhythm/nothing’s gonna stop all the love that I’m given/”. Outside of that line, there wasn’t much digest in an otherwise lyrically light-hearted song.

If you’re looking for a song that will put you in a great mood on a breezy afternoon, “Gone for a Little Bit” is that song. While there’s not as much depth in the music, it offers a welcome change and delivers a short burst of positive vibes. The song could’ve used a bit more character by possibly changing up the melody or adding a feature. For bringing their brand of positive to the world this week, The Kaleidoscope Kid and Cori Rios are going to take home a 7.5 out of 10! That’s all for this week my people. I’ll be back right back next week with more gems from the Burning Bird! Peace and love, your boy, Bo!

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