Portland’s Hip Hop Culture Collaboration

While my attention was focused on the Portland hip hop scene, which lead me to discover “Big Facts” by Mighty, I stumbled across a few influencers and artists. It didn’t take long for me to realize I need to put the Pacific Northwest near the top of my travel list.

The first individuals who stood out to me were local choreographers. Now, to be fair, I discovered these two also have roots in the state of Washington. So, I guess this is a shoutout to both areas. Emma is the first of the two that I came across while watching a few clips of their routines. In the majority of the videos, she and two other dancers put on demonstrations of routines for a dance class. The group in the background can be heard hyping them up throughout the routine.

GroovyKai (Kai) was the second choreography that I came across. She can be seen in the first video above, which she choreographed. Simply put, Kai is dope! I feel like any attempt to describe her style or why I think it’s dope would not do her justice. The only thing I feel I need to say is check out the videos on her IG profile. Just like Emma, Kai choreographs dance routines in her community as a hobby at various dance studios, and also puts on shows in the city.

The influence between these two individuals is visible. Although I am not sure exactly who all attends the classes, it is clear that there is a great opportunity to make an impact in the community, whether it is helping someone in the community further their dreams of dancing, or just keeping other folks busy and off the streets. However, for me as a music blogger, I noticed that they also have the potential to make an impact for the local music scene. That’s how I found out about other independent artists in the area like M3cca. Including the music of local artists in their videos not only gives them exposure, but also gives the artist exposure as well. It’s a great way to collaborate and show true support in an unselfish manner.

The hip hop culture in Portland is active and diverse in its entertainment. Not only are there artists making music for the culture, but choreographers and other influencers are also contributing in their own way.

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