3MMR. Episode 70. Pariah Pete. “Young”.

“They don’t know me, they not my homies.” These wise words come from a talented young emcee off his new album which is making noise in these Phoenix streets. The accompanying video is outstanding as well. What happening people of the burning bird? It’s about that time again to break you off another AZ banger! This week’s fire bomb comes to us courtesy of one Pariah Pete, and new his heater, “Young”. The soundscape on this track is so simple but smacks you over the head as soon as you hear it. The drums hit with a light touch and the piano carries the melody, providing a distinct backdrop that immediately makes your head nod.

Everything Pariah does on this track is smart. Pace changes, adlibs, delivery, and timing were all on point and come together to give the song a real full-bodied sound. Pete sounds clear and the track’s mix is crystal clear. Even with the adlibs playing a sizable part in the song, they serve more as a highlight leaving room for his voice to play the star. Pete’s voice is strong and emphatic with every line. He raps like he’s clearly making a point about that he belongs near the top of the AZ Hip-Hop scene. “Young” is a reflective montage of Pariah’s growth and the struggles that he’s been through trying to mature and become successful.

The idea of having a hook and bridge on such a short song is risky but ends up being catchy and draws you in with a sing along vibe. “Young” is not lyrically impactful from a wordplay standpoint, yet still packs a punch. The song is straight forward regarding the content, but none-the-less meaningful. Pariah’s honesty and vulnerability on “Young” make it unique and he openly admits his faults, not in a pity seeking way, but more as self-analysis.

Lyrically, Pete’s bars on “Young”, don’t showcase a ton of wordplay, but they’re still heavy. Rhymes like, “trying to fuck a bitch to get over one/drinking out the bottle till I overcome/ got a little bread, but I still owe some/and trapped in my head so I’m feelin’ lonesome/”, showcase an vulnerable, honest emcee ready to take the next step in his life, and his career. For his work on “Young”, Pariah Pete is going to take home a 9.5 out of 10 for a powerful song that packs a punch and leaves you wanting more. Make sure you check out Pete’s outstanding new album, “Mercury” on the link below!

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