Family Feud: Khia vs. Trina & Bobby Lytes

Khia and Trina have been beefing for some time. Some of us knew that already. But just like beefs that happen between two “celebrities” that haven’t had as much air time as they used to, we believe it’s ok to ignore it. But today, it has jumped back on our radar, and a new party has joined the feud.

Today, Khia made a video which featured insults directed at Trina and Bobby Lytes. Who is Bobby Lytes? Lytes is a cast member of the reality tv show, Love & Hip Hop: Miami. How did he get involved in this beef? Bobby Lytes is Trina’s cousin. Last week, Trina’s mother passed away after battling cancer. Khia did not waste, claiming the passing was a “sacrifice” to help with Trina’s sales. Yikes! Bobby Lytes, stepping in for his cousin, took exception to that.

In today’s world, you would expect opponents to put things aside out of respect for the loss of a family member. Look at the Jon Jones/Daniel Cormier situation. In that beef, one guy talked about killing the other, but put the beef aside when one of the other’s parents passed away. I guess Khia doesn’t go by those rules. After Bobby Lytes posted a video “roasting” Khia, many knew it was only a matter of time before she came back with her own roast.

Some have criticized Khia for the roast, stating she only showcased homophobic opinions. Some pointed out Lytes labeling Khia as a “monkey” and the context in which it’s used when criticizing black women. Others simply stated there are no rules when it comes to roasts. What do you think about the roasts or beef in general? Share and let us know below.

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