The Best Taco Spots in Phoenix

Initially, I wanted to save this post for Taco Tuesday purposes, but since finding out that today is National Taco Day, it seems today would be a better option. Share this article, and comment below if you think there should be other places added to this list. I do plan to update this post regularly. Here are the three best taco spots to visit here in Phoenix!

Taco Mich

Photo Cred: Ross A.

This is my favorite spot! My main! The place I can count on during a Taco crisis! I would add another cheesy line like “my one and only” but this is a list of five so that wouldn’t work here.

Taco Mich offers good tacos at more than affordable prices. It also stays open later than most of its competition which means their tacos are there when you need them. With approximately 7 Phoenix Metro locations, getting tacos from Taco Mich usually is nothing but a short drive. The tacos are only $1.20 normally, and $.85 on Tuesdays. If you are looking to get a few tacos, you can order the special which is a combo of 5 tacos and a drink for just a bit over $6.00. Taco Mich offers many meat choices, from carne asada, pollo asado, carnitas, lengua, and more. To me, this is the best deal (money) and taste combo out there.

Ta Carbon

This is another one of my favorite spots. There are two locations, but I have only visited the restaurant on 43rd Avenue and Thomas. When it comes to flavor, I would say this is the best on the list. If you have been to this location, you know what I’m talking about. The prices are good as well.

Parking at this location can get tough depending on the hour you choose to go, but trust me its worth it. Ta Carbon has all of the popular meat choices as well. Here, you can order tacos with either flour or corn tortillas. There are no set combos, but the tacos are not small. A few tacos and a drink should not be more than $10.00.

Asadero Norte de Sonora

First time I ate here, it immediately earned its place on my go-to list. If you are curious about my order, it was two tacos de pollo asado and two de carne asada. that is usually my default first order at a new taco place so that each restaurant has a level playing field when I make my comparisons. Asadero Norte de Sonora hit it out of the park right away! I immediately called someone to recommend my new favorite location, but I had to learn how to say the name first. It was difficult at first but I have it down now.

Asadero Norte de Sonora offers tacos at $1.90 each and has carne asada, pollo asada, barbacoa, pastor, and cabeza. I am currently unsure if there are any taco tuesday specials. I would say the only take away from this restaurant is that it closes a bit early compared to the other places on this list. The hours are 7AM to 8PM thursday to tuesday. The restaurant is closed on wednesday. However, I will say this; after tasting the tacos from this place, I felt Asadero Norte de Sonora earned the right to close early. They knew I’d be back. Take what you may from that piece of information.

I do plan to update this post as I visit other places here in the valley and receive comments/messages from you all. If you’d like, send your suggestions with details to, or on social media via TwitterFacebook, or Instagram. Don’t forget to follow us!