Reece delivers an experience with the release of his latest single “Last Time”

When I first heard this song, I actually went from leaning forward to sitting back and taking the song in. My first thought was, “Damn! This song makes you feel like you’re going through this situation yourself.” Last Time by Reece is not just a song, it’s an experience.

During my first listen, I actually felt I needed to write down a few notes to include here. It’s my opinion, but there’s no way the emotions in this song comes from a person who really didn’t go through these feelings. I’m convinced these words are the results of heartbreak. It hasn’t been confirmed, but I’m not sure I’d believe it if I were told otherwise. The lyrics are descriptive, specific, and vivid.

My final opinion about this song: it’s a masterpiece! From the lyrics, production, and the final product. Download, stream, and share this song with others. For more news and information about Reece, follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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