“Back For Me” by Reece

We’ve all been in those situations where we decide to step away from a relationship only to find ourselves involved with the same person not long after the break up. Most of the time, the excuse for the return is that we weren’t really over them, or we engage in minimizing the faults of the other person that led us to leave in the first place. In his new song, Reece is sharing a different version of the story. In this version, he is truly done with the relationship and there is no chance of return.

"Even if the house is burning and I'm still stuck inside,
please don't come back for me... Please don't come back for me...
Even if you know I'm hurting, you're not the one I need tonight,
so please don't come back for me... I'll be alright!"

Back For Me by Reece was created just three days after a heartbreak. Creating this song allowed him to vent and share his pain. We’ve covered Reece a few times before and have been drawn to the lyrics of his songs and the way he paints the picture for his listeners. From one of the first lines in his song Last Time, “you’re love feels like a hit and run,” to the lyrics from this new song, the goal is not only to release songs we can sing along to, but also songs we can relate to.

Check out the latest project from Reece similarly titled “Back For Me” which includes this new release and Boy, Don’t Cry. Back For Me, the song, is available to stream on both Apple Music and Spotify.