Independent Artist, Ana Mancebo, Celebrates Her Birthday With The Release of New Single “Cumple”

Hoy tenemos algo nuevo! Sorry, I always have that itch to write a full article in Spanish but I don’t have the confidence required for that. One day, one day… but not today… back to the music! I’ve come across a new song titled Cumple by Ana Mancebo, an artist originally from Madrid, Spain but currently residing in my birthplace of Miami, FL. If you are a Spanish speaker, you can hear her unique Spanish (from Spain) accent in her delivery which is one of the things that caught my ear during my first listen. The song was released, I presume, in celebration of the Spanish artist’s birthday where she just turned 23. What a way to celebrate with fans!

Not only did Ana Mancebo release the audio on Apple Music and Spotify to stream, but she also put out an official video which was posted today. Check it out below! For more information about Ana Mancebo, be sure to follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.